Robbing Uncle Sam

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Robbing Uncle Sam is a Ryder mission.

  • Objective: Steal 6 crates of firepower from the Docks in Los Santos.
  • Brief Summary: You need some more weapons and the Military is the place to get them. Head over to the docks and hop the wall and break the switch to allow Ryder to drive in. Ryder will hold off the army while you use a forklift to load 6 crates into the back of the van. Be quick or Ryder's health bar will get wiped out (Note: you can get out of the forklift and help Ryder kill the army men). I advise you load the 4 crates inside to start with, followed by 2 to the right of the truck. Once you've done that you need to escape while being chased by the military. Press R3 to throw a crate or two out the back to deal with them. Head to the lockup to finish the mission.
  • Reward: Respect levels increase.

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