Rigged to Blow

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Overview- D-Ice wants Claude to get his Infernus to a place in St. Marks from where the car is parked nearby in Shoreside Vale. To make things harder, there is a bomb in the car that will blow if Claude hits it too hard. To make this even more harder, there is a time limit in which Claude has to deliver the car to the place to diffuse the bomb.

Cut Scene 1- D-Ice tells Claude that his car is rigged with a bomb (how he knows this is unknown) and that if it explodes, his would lose his reputation. He tells Claude to take the car to some people in St. Marks. D-Ice informs Claude that the bomb seemed to have been made of poor quality because the wiring is messed up. If Claude hits the car hard enough, it would blow up, making D-Ice lose his reputation.

Gameplay- The clock starts immediately at 6 minutes. The car is not that far away, just up the ramp and following the street will lead Claude to the rigged car, an Infernus, one of the fastest cars in most of the Grand Theft Auto games. After entering the car, a detonation bar will appear, meaning that, as D-Ice told Claude, if the car is hit hard enough or has several smaller collisions, it will explode, killing Claude if he doesn't bail out in time. He now has to deliver the car to the place in St. Marks, which is all the way on the other side of Liberty City in Portland. The bomb shop does not in fact belong to bomb expert 8-Ball but to an unknown group. After fixing the car, Claude has to return the car to where he first took it from. If the car has a dent on it, Claude has to take it to a Pay N' Spray before returning the car.

Reward- $20 000

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