Real Badman

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Real Badman
NameTeafore Maxwell-Davies
NicknameReal Badman
AssociatesNiko Bellic, Little Jacob
Seen inGrand Theft Auto IV

Teafore Maxwell-Davies, (Born October 25th, 1981) also known as "Real Badman" is a Jamaican drug dealer and a close associate of Little Jacob. He is a character exclusive to Grand Theft Auto IV. He is 27 years old. Unlike Jacob, Badman speaks Jamaican Patois, thus Niko Bellic has a hard time understanding him. It should be noted that much of the work given to Niko by Jacob is actually done for Badman. He can also be met sitting on a bench on the streets of Broker as a random encounter, and you will be asked to complete a sidequest called "Shadow".

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