Protection Racket (multiplayer mode)

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[edit] History

Protection Racket is a Wi-Fi multiplayer game only found on the PSP copies of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

[edit] Objective

Destroy four limos at the opposing gang's base. Defend the four limos at your base from incoming Attackers. The game is played in two rounds. Each gang will automatically be assigned in the Defending or Attacking roles. A timer displayed onscreen will measure the time it takes for the Attacking gang to destroy the limos in the first round. Once all four limos in the Defenders' base have been destroyed, the roles of the Attacking & Defending gang will switch and the second round will begin. The time it took for the limos to be destroyed the first round will now be displayed onscreen and will be counting down. The new Attacking gang must now destroy the limos within this time limit or the other gang will win the game.

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