Phil Collins

Phil Collins
Phil Collins.jpg
NamePhillip David Charles Collins
NicknamePhil Collins
Age33 (in GTA:VCS), 57
Year of deathN/A
Games appeared inGrand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Voice ActorHimself

First Appeared in: Kill Phil (Reni Wassulmaier)

Last seen in: In the Air Tonight (Reni Wassulmaier)


[edit] Non-Fictional biography

Phil Collins is a well-known singer and drummer. His first band appearance was with the band Genesis. Phil also plays the drums. As of 2002, Phil's worldwide sale is 150 million. Phil has also appeared as a solo artist in the Band Aid song Do they know it's Christmas, playing the drums. He appeared in both the U.K and U.S version of the concert in one day, by flying on a Concorde.

[edit] Appearance in Vice City

Phil Collins in-game.jpg

Phil Collins is the only major celebrity to play a significant role in the Grand Theft Auto series as himself and not as a caricature or parody of himself. Phil appeared in Vice City circa. 1984 with his manager, Barry. At that time, Phil was touring Vice City, while getting suspicious of his manager's activities and the increasing crime in the Vice City area. He is only heard singing 'In the air tonight' during one mission and on the radio. Phil has several missions that are taken through Reni Wassulmaier. His missions are Kill Phil, Kill Phil Part 2 and In the air tonight.

[edit] Kill Phil (Reni Wassulmaier)

Phil Collins arrives to Vice City with his manager, Barry Mickelthwaite for a concert by helicopter. When Vic arrives in a bulletproof limo, being chased by Forelli goons, Phil is immediately suspicious that Barry never mentioned the high crime rate in Vice City (although most can be attributed to Vic himself) and the trio in the bulletproof limo escape to Phil's hotel.

[edit] Kill Phil: Part 2 (Reni Wassulmaier)

Vic enters the Hyman Memorial Stadium to kill several goons who are trying to kill Phil Collins. Phil himself is arriving soon to do a sound test.

[edit] In the Air Tonight (Reni Wassulmaier)

It's finally showtime for Phil, but Vic spots activity up in the rafters, and it turns out to be Forelli hit men trying to cut the rafters. They plan for the rafters to land on Phil Collins, while he is singing his popular song 'In the Air Tonight'.

[edit] Music in the Grand Theft Auto Series

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

On Flash FM, Phil Collins can be heard singing with Phillip Bailey the song 'Easy Lover'. He also is heard singing with the band Genesis on the same radio station 'Turn it On Again'. On Emotion 98.3, Phil Collins can be heard singing In the Air Tonight, a song that is prominately featured during the later sections of VCS.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto IV

Phil is heard with the band Genesis singing 'Mama' on Liberty Rock Radio.

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