Not So Fast

For the Grand Theft Auto IV view of this mission, see Museum Piece
For the Lost and Damned view of this mission, see Collector's Item

Not So Fast is a Tony Prince mission. It is based on the Diamonds storyline of all three games.

[edit] Walkthrough

Luis calls Yusef as soon as he walks out of the club, asking to borrow his gold Buzzard. Yusef agrees and leaves it at a pier. At the helicopter, Luis needs to fly to the Libertonian roof. When he lands the next objective it to climb down some scaffolding to the window where the deal takes place. He ambushes Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz and Issac during the deal and escapes with the diamonds while Johnny escapes with the money and Niko escapes with his life.
Immediately after, the Police arrive, so Luis needs to climb up the ladder to the waiting gold Buzzard. Several Annihilators follow, leading to an air duel with them. The Buzzard can withstand a lot, so Luis can get up close to the Annihilators. After destroying them all, Luis has to fly back to the Pier.

[edit] Reward

Diamonds Forever achievement.

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