Mount Chilliad

Mount Chilliad is a large mountain in the Badlands of San Andreas, slightly north-west of the town of Angel Pine, and South of the city of San Fierro. It is the only official mountain in the known Grand Theft Auto universe, and the peak can be reached primarily by the dirt tracks which lead up the side of it (although it is possible to climb the sides in places). Part way up the mountain there is a wooded area and a cabin which is seen during one particular mission shortly after Carl Johnson's initial arrival in the area.

[edit] Bicycle Races

Mount Chilliad is generally empty of other civilians, and the only signs of human life at the peak are a parachute, a camper van and a bicycle. Upon mounting the bicycle, Carl will be automatically be entered in one of the many Chilliad races, in which he must race several other bikers around a set course. There are several courses which must be completed to achieve 100% game completion, all of which have varying difficulty.

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