Missions (Spoilers)


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Los Santos Missions

<a name="beginning"></a>Beginning Missions

Mission Name: In The Beginning
Objective: To get back to the Johnson Family House
Brief Description: Upon arriving back in town CJ is unceremoniously dumped in Balla territory. You have to hop on a nearby bike and make your way to the Johnson Family House represented by a blip on your radar.
Rewards: None

Mission Name: Big Smoke
Objective: Last long enough so that Sweet can divert the Ballas away from you
Brief Description: After being updated on a few things, CJ and the gang are ambushed by the Ballas. You then go on a bike ride around part of the city until eventually you lose the Ballas and return home.
Rewards: Respect

Mission Name: Ryder
Objective: Go on a small tour around local places to familiarise yourself with the area.
Brief Description: Ryder shows you a few places nearby like the barber shop and somewhere to get some food. These will be important later on so take note. A rather comical ending to the mission occurs when Ryder tries to rob a a fast food store.
Rewards: Respect
Side Note: Sweet's Missions are now available

<a name="sweet"></a>Sweet's Missions

Mission Name: Tagging Up Turf
Objective: To spray several tags on the walls around the city
Brief Description: To show that the Grove Street Gang are getting back in business you need to show this by spray painting your gang tag on certain locations around the city. Sweet will take you to a few locations for you to do this
Rewards: $200 and Respect
Side Note: This will unlock the ability to spray all 100 tags in Los Santos

Mission Name: Cleaning the Hood
Objective: Try and recruit an old friend to help you
Brief Description: In this mission you attempt to get B-Dup to get back in the crew and help CJ and the guys out. This doesn't go to plan and B-Dup has a big friend ready to cause problems. Since drugs are proving to be a big problems for Grove Street's plans, Ryder and CJ decide to go hit some drug dealers. Baseball bat bashing concludes this mission
Rewards: Respect

Mission Name: Drive-Thru
Objective: Wipe out some Ballas before they wipe out some of your fellow gang members
Brief Description: After getting something to eat due to Big Smoke's hunger, the guys notice a car of Ballas heading to make a hit on some Grove Street members. You have to speed up and catch them, then kill all of the Ballas by stopping their car by any means necessary. Once that's done you head back home.
Rewards: Respect

Mission Name: Nines and AKs
Objective: Get a weapon and some new clothes
Brief Description: Big Smoke will take to to a guy called Emmet. He will give you a pistol after a cut-scene and ask you to test out your skills by shooting bottles. After this you take Big Smoke home and get a call saying that clothes are important. You need to then head over to a clothes shop to buy some with your, more than likely, limited funds. Any clothes will do.
Rewards: Respect and a pistol
Side Note: Big Smoke's missions will now be unlocked

Mission Name: Drive-By
Objective: Do drive-by shootings on two sets of Balla gang members
Brief Description: To avenge the Ballas' earlier attempt to do a drive by you're now going to do one of your own. You have to kill 2 sets of gang members while making sure your car health meter doesn't deplete entirely. After this is done you will need to get to a Pay 'N Spray to lose your wanted level. Return to the house as usual.
Rewards: Respect and $500
Side Note: This unlocks Ryder's missions

Mission Name: Sweet's Girl
Objective: Save Sweet and his girl from the enemy gang members gunning for them.
Brief Description: You get a call from Sweet saying that he's in big trouble. You need to get a car with 4 doors and head over to where Sweet is, indicated by a blip on the radar. Sweet's health bar is displayed to show you how well he is or isn't doing. Once you arrive at the scene you need to take everyone out remembering to pick up their weapons. Once you've done this get in a car and take Sweet and his girl home avoiding your pursuers.
Rewards: Respect and whatever weapons you picked up from dead enemy gang members

Mission Name: Cesar Vialpando
Objective: To prove you can hang with Cesar's crowd
Brief Description: First off you need to get a car suitable for the mission which you can get from Loco Low Co. After doing that you head to the meet where you will have to complete a task involving pressing certain buttons at the right time. After this you are introduced to Cesar and a bit of a confrontation
Rewards: Based on your performance
Side Note: This unlocks the Cesar mission

<a name="cesar1"></a>
    Cesar Mission
    Mission Name: High Stakes, Low Rider
    Objective: Win the race in the fastest time possible
    Brief Description: To enter this race you need a lowrider car. Once you have one go to the C marker on the map and you'll see everyone else in the race. Be the first one through all the checkpoints to win.
    Rewards: $1000</ul>
    <a name="smoke"></a>Big Smoke's Missions
    Mission Name: OG Loc
    Objective: Pick up OG Loc from the Police Station and kill someone who insulted OG Loc when they were in prison
    Brief Description: First you need to go collect Jeffrey who tells everyone his new name is OG Loc. Then you have to head to a house to kill a Brazilian who insulted Loc in jail. The guy you want speeds off on a bike and you have to catch and kill him. Once you've done that you need to take Loc to his new job at Burger shot.
    Rewards: Respect
    Side Note: This will unlock OG Loc's missions
    Mission Name: Running Dog
    Objective: Visit Big Smoke's cousin
    Brief Description: After going to visit a cousin you see things are not in order. You must chase down on foot and kill a Vagos gang member to complete the mission.
    Rewards: Respect
    Mission Name: Wrong Side of the Tracks
    Objective: Chase a train carrying gang members on the top and take them out
    Brief Description: After arriving at the train station you get spotted and the train pulls away. You hop on a Sanchez and must chase down the train and pull alongside it long enough for Smoke to gun the members down. Watch out for oncoming trains!
    Rewards: Respect
    Mission Name: Just Business
    Objective: Go to a gang meeting and escape the aftermath alive
    Brief Description: This is a long mission in two parts. When you get to the meeting Smoke will get into a lot of trouble and you'll have to bail him out. Once you've done that you'll have to escape on a motorbike. Smoke will be doing the driving and you have to ride shotgun and kill anyone pursuing you. The bike has a health bar which you need to pay attention to. The bike ride is a very long one so you'll need to be sharp on your aiming to take out the threats before they cause too much damage. If you make it to the end of the route then Smoke drops you off and the mission ends
    Rewards: Respect and an MP5
    <a name="ryder"></a>Ryder's Missions
    Mission Name: Home Invasion
    Objective: Steal crates of weapons from a house (Between 12:00 and 20:00)
    Brief Description: Welcome to the world of burglary. Here you need to steal weapons crates without making too much noise and waking the occupants of the house up. You have a noise meter which must not be filled or the occupants will awaken and call the police. Once you've got all the crates head to the lockup and the mission is finished.
    Rewards: Respect
    Side Note: You will now be able to do Burglary side missions
    Mission Name: Catalyst
    Objective: Steal 10 crates from the train (Between 20:00 and 06:00)
    Brief Description: Once you've headed to the train station you'll need to remove all enemy gang members. Then you have to get aboard the train and steal the crates. Unfortunately the train sets off and you then have to throw the crates out the back to Ryder. You have to adjust the direction how far you throw to compensate for the turns in the track. Once you've done that you need to lose the wanted level and head home.
    Rewards: Respect
    Mission Name: Robbing Uncle Sam
    Objective: Steal 6 crates of firepower from the Docks
    Brief Description: You need some more weapons and the Military is the place to get them. Head over to the docks and hop the wall and break the switch to allow Ryder to drive in. Ryder will hold off the army while you use a forklift to load 6 crates into the back of the van. Be quick or Ryder's health bar will get wiped out. Once you've done that you need to escape while being chased by the military. Press R3 to throw a crate or two out the back to deal with them. Head to the lockup to finish the mission.
    Rewards: Respect
    <a name="loc"></a>OG Loc's Missions
    Mission Name: Life's a Beach
    Objective: Win a dance contest and take the sound system (Between 22:00 and 06:00)
    Brief Description: Here's where you really get to play Dance Dance Revolution. When you arrive down at the party repsond positively twice to the DJ and then take part in the dance contest. You need to get a score of over 4000 to win. If you do that then you'll get invited into the sound studio where you then steal it. Drive it to a lock up to complete the mission.
    Rewards: Respect
    Mission Name: Madd Dogg's Rhymes
    Objective: Infiltrate Madd Dogg's mansion, steal his rhyme book and make it back out of the mansion
    Brief Description: This is a real Metal Gear Solid type mission with a lot of stealth involved. You need to sneak through the mansion without being detected and make it to the recording studio, swipe the book and then make it back out alive. With the amount of guards around this is not easy but you do have a knife to make stealth kills with.
    Rewards: Respect and the weapons you gain from the mission
    Side Note: This unlocks the C.R.A.S.H missions
    Mission Name: Management Issues
    Objective: Kidnap Madd Dogg's manager and drive him off a pier
    Brief Description: In this mission you need to eliminate Madd Dogg's manager to allow OG Loc to progress with his music career plans. Pick up the needed car and get to the venue unscratched. Once you've picked up the manager drive the car off the pier to complete the mission.
    Rewards: Respect
    Mission Name: House Party
    Objective: Wipe out all the attacking Ballas
    Brief Description: Get some new threads and hairdo and head back to Loc's house. Things are going fine until the Ballas show up. You need to wipe out all of them to complete the mission. If you don't have any decent firepower then you better get some, a Micro SMG at the very least.
    Rewards: Respect
    <a name="crash1"></a>C.R.A.S.H Missions
    Mission Name: Burning Desire
    Objective: Torch a Vagos gang member's house
    Brief Description: Tenpenny wants you to eliminate someone for him. Head to where he's stashed some Molotov Cocktails and then head to the house. Watch out for enemy gang members who will try and stop you. Once you've set fire to the place someone calls for help and you have to go in and rescue her. Once you get her back out you get a nice kiss as a thank you and the mission ends.
    Rewards: Respect and Molotov Cocktails
    Side Note: This will unlock Sweet's second set of missions and Denise as your girlfriend
    Mission Name: Gray Imports
    Objective: Get to the located warehouse and shut down the production of arms
    Brief Description: Tenpenny is concerned that the Ballas are getting an unfair advantage and wants you to go and investigate. When you get to the warehouse try and be as stealthy as possible to avoid being detected. Break the lock and get into the warehouse and find cover from the heavy fire. Be sure to pick up the weapons that are dropped from the Russians that you pick off because they're far more powerful than anything you're likely to have. Eventually the main person will make a break for it, mow him down to finish the mission.
    Rewards: Money from the dealer and whatever weapons you pick up
    <a name="sweet2"></a>Sweet's Missions Part 2
    Mission Name: Reuniting the Famillies
    Objective: Meet up with the other families and save Sweet from inside the building
    Brief Description: What was supposed to be a friendly meet turns into an ugly bloodbath as SWAT teams appear from all sides. Smoke and Ryder leave while CJ stays behind. If you want to, you can gun them down but it's faster just to run inside. Make your way through the building until you find Sweet and get up on the roof to take out the helicopter hovering above. When you get down the stairs Smoke and Ryder reappear. You need to ride shotgun and take out all the cops chasing you. There's a grand ending where a billboard sign is altered to say something else via a car crashing through it.
    Rewards: Respect
    Mission Name: Green Sabre
    Objective: Save Sweet from an ambush
    Brief Description: This is the mission that turns the game on its head. After meeting with Cesar you see Smoke and Ryder with Tenpenny, some Ballas and the Green Sabre that was used in the hit and run on CJ's mum. CJ then realises that Sweet's walked into a trap and you've been betrayed by Smoke and Ryder. Once you get there you need to eliminate everyone on all sides. A long set of cut-scenes follows with CJ eventually being dumped in the countryside of San Fierro.
    Rewards: Respect and the second city unlocked
    Countryside Missions
    <a name="crash2"></a>
      C.R.A.S.H Mission
      Mission Name: Badlands
      Objective: Head up to a remote house protected by the FBI and eliminate the occupant
      Brief Description: As a favour for Tenpenny you have to eliminate someone with the goods on him. He's protected heavily by the FBI. Once you've managed to take him out one way or the other you need to take a photo to prove it and then drop the film off. This completes the mission.
      Rewards: Respect and a camera
      Side Note: This unlocks Catalina's missions</ul>
      <a name="catalina"></a>Catalina's Missions
    • Note that these Catalina missions don't have to be done in the order that is listed, some are needed before you can progress onto other parts of the storyline, but this is only one order to do them in.
      Mission Name: First Date
      Objective: Meet Catalina
      Brief Description: Upon seeing Catalina holding off a couple of guys with a knife, she follows CJ outside and into CJ's vehicle.
      Rewards: Respect
      Mission Name: Tanker Commander
      Objective: Steal a tanker and get it to the desired location in one piece
      Brief Description: Once you've coupled and stolen the tanker you'll be chased by the angry owner. Dispatch him and take the tanker to the blip on the map to complete this mission.
      Rewards: Respect
      Side Note: This will unlock The Truth's missions and the trucking side missions
      Mission Name: First Base
      Objective: None
      Brief Description: Just a cut-scene allowing you to carry on with Catalina's missions.
      Rewards: None
      Side Note: You have to complete Body Harvest and King in Exile to unlock this mission
      Mission Name: Against All Odds
      Objective: Rob the betting store
      Brief Description: When you get to the store Catalina's already there doing her thing. Follow her instructions and make your getaway. You'll need to get to a Pay 'N Spray to lose your wanted level, after doing that head back to Catalina's place to finish the mission.
      Rewards: $2'000
      Mission Name: Gone Courting
      Objective: None
      Brief Description: CJ gets a bit of Catalina's version of TLC
      Rewards: None
      Mission Name: Local Licquor Store
      Objective: Catch the 3 people on quad bikes, kill them and recover the cases they drop
      Brief Description: When you arrive at the store you find that it's already been robbed. In the cut-scene one of the guys is shot and killed but the other 3 escape on quad bikes. You need to hop on one with Catalina and chase after them while she shoots at them. If you have an SMG or Micro SMG then you can help out and get the job done quicker. Once you have all 3 cases you go back to Catalina's place to end the mission.
      Rewards: $1'000
      Mission Name: Made in Heaven
      Objective: None
      Brief Description: Cut-scene where Catalina falls out of love with CJ.
      Rewards: Losing Catalina's love =D
      Mission Name: Small Town Bank
      Objective: Rob a bank and then evade the cops while getting back to Catalina's house.
      Brief Description: When you get control of CJ in the bank you need to stop the 4 people from lowering their hands to set off the alarm. eventually one of them does anyway and you need to follow Catalina's instructions in the bank. When you get outside you need to shoot your way past all the cops and get on the bikes at the end of the alley. Then make it back to Catalina's place in one piece to finish the mission.
      Rewards: $10'000
      <a name="truth1"></a>
        The Truth Mission
        Mission Name: Body Harvest
        Objective: Steal a harvester from a farm and take it back to The Truth's farm
        Brief Description: When you get to the farm a lot of the farmers there have rifles, so watch out. Once you've stolen the harvester at the far end of the farm you then need to get it all the way back to The Truth's place. A few farmers will chase after you and it's best to get out the vehicle and kill them or they'll harass you all the way back. It's a long journey and a wide vehicle so be careful.
        Rewards: Respect
        Side Note: This will unlock Cesar's missions</ul>
        <a name="cesar2"></a>
        Cesar Missions
        Mission Name: King in Exile
        Objective: None
        Brief Description: Just a cut-scene where Cesar and Kendall convince CJ that Smoke is a no good drug dealer
        Rewards: None
        Side Note: This unlocks some more Catalina missions listed above
        Mission Name: Wu Zi Mu
        Objective: Win the race
        Brief Description: Cesar knows a guy called Wu Zi Mu or "Woozie" who loves racing. Take the Buffalo from Catalina's place and use that to race, a high driving skill is also handy. Once you win the race Woozie will give you a card and tell you to drop by when you're in San Fierro.
        Rewards: $5'000
        Mission Name: Farewell My Love...
        Objective: Win the race
        Brief Description: In the cut-scene at the start you see Catalina with her new man... recognise him? After an exchange between Catalina and CJ they get in their cars. Reverse course from the previous mission.
        Rewards: Property in San Fierro
        Side Note: This will unlock The Truth's final mission in the countryside
        <a name="truth2"></a>
          The Truth's Mission
          Mission Name: Are you going to San Fierro?
          Objective: Torch all the weed on The Truth's farm and escape to San Fierro
          Brief Description: You have 5 and a half minutes to torch all the weed (being fireproof helps). Once you've done that you need to bring down the helicopter surveying you and then drive all the way to San Fierro
          Rewards: Respect and the 2 weapons you used</ul>
          San Fierro Missions
          <a name="cj1"></a>
          CJ's Missions
          Mission Name: Wear Flowers in Your Hair
          Objective: Drive to all the points you're told to
          Brief Description: This really just lets you get to know San Fierro a bit, showing you the key areas of the local neighbourhood
          Rewards: None
          Side Note: After this mission you will be able to buy Zero's property for $30'000
          Mission Name: 555 We Tip
          Objective: Frame the DA who is still hounding Tenpenny
          Brief Description: Tenpenny is still being harassed, so your job is to set up the DA. Get a Valet uniform from one of the current valets and wait for the DA's car to arrive. When it does take it back to the garage to get planted with drugs and then take it back without a scratch. Then watch the amusing cut-scene of the DA being arrested.
          Rewards: None
          Side Note: This will unlock the Valet side missions
          Mission Name: Deconstruction
          Objective: Demolish the nearby construction site
          Brief Description: Construction workers are giving hassle to Kendall and CJ agrees to go demolish their construction site. Demolish the little huts and then bury the foreman in a cement grave to finish the mission.
          Rewards: None
          Side Note: This will unlock the Driving School
          Mission Name: Photo Opportunity
          Objective: Take photographs of everyone who meets up in Angel Pine
          Brief Description: Cesar tells CJ that something's going down in Angel Pine and that they should head over to check it out. Once you get there you need to get a good vantage point to take pictures of everyone who meets up. Once you've done that CJ and Cesar head to the gas station to try and work things out and the mission ends.
          Rewards: Respect and a camera
          Side Note: This will unlock Jizzy's missions
            <a name="zero"></a>Zero's Missions - Not needed to complete the storyline
            Mission Name: Air Raid
            Objective: Protect Zero's transmitters
            Brief Description: Zero explains that Berkley, his arch nemesis, is planning to destroy his stuff using remote controlled planes. You must man a minigun and shoot down the incoming planes ensuring that at least one transmitter survives.
            Rewards: $3'000
            Mission Name: Supply Lines
            Objective: Destroy Berkley's couriers
            Brief Description: After finding Zero hung up by his underwear, CJ encourages Zero to fight back. You must control a remote controlled plane and destroy all 5 of Berkley's couriers. You only have a limited amount of fuel, so move quickly.
            Rewards: $5'000
            Mission Name: New Model Army
            Objective: Help Zero complete the assault course using a remote controlled helicopter
            Brief Description: This is it, the final battle between Berkley and Zero to decide who gets to stay in San Andreas. Help Zero by removing all the obstacles in his way by using a remote controlled helicopter
            Rewards: $7'000
            Side Note: This will complete the Zero's missions and generate a maximum of $5'000 revenue which you can pick up regularly</ul>
            <a name="jizzy"></a>Jizzy's Missions
            Mission Name: Jizzy
            Objective: Take one of Jizzy's girls somewhere, eliminate a rival pimp, save another of Jizzy's girls from being beaten up and eliminate a priest who is bad for business
            Brief Description: This is basically a 4 part mission, first one is a simple drive from A to B. Second part involves you killing a rival pimp by running him down or getting out to do the job. Third part is a timed one as the girl you need to save has a health bar. The fourth part involves you shooting a limo until it blows up.
            Rewards: Respect and $3'000
            Side Note: This will unlock Woozie's missions
            Mission Name: T-Bone Mendez
            Objective: Retreive stolen packages
            Brief Description: This is a bike chase where you need to reclaim a few packages from the backs of bikes. The bikes will split up but there's no real time limit to this mission.
            Rewards: Respect and $5'000
            Mission Name: Mike Toreno
            Objective: Find and save Mike Toreno, the syndicate leader of Jizzy et al
            Brief Description: Mike Toreno has been captured and your job is to find him. He will describe where he is and you have to go to various locations to try and find him. This is a timed mission due to the battery life of Toreno's phone so speed is of the essence. When you finally track him down you need to kill the people who captured him and then escape. Get to a Pay 'N Spray and back to the Dome to end the mission.
            Rewards: Respect and $7'000
            Mission Name: Outrider
            Objective: Remove all roadblocks preventing the delivery van from getting through
            Brief Description: The authorities have set up roadblocks to stop Toreno's van getting through, you need to remove all obstacles. You are given a sniper rifle and rocket launcher. Blow up the vehicles with the rocket launcher and snipe whoever is left. When the van reaches it's target lose your wanted level to end the mission.
            Rewards: Respect, $9'000 and the weapons from the mission
            Side Note: This will unlock more of CJ's missions
            <a name="cj2"></a>CJ's Missions Part 2
            Mission Name: Snail Trail
            Objective: Kill a nosey journalist journalist and his contact
            Brief Description: This is a very long mission but most of it is spent just following a train. Grab the sniper rifle from the construction site and follow the train all the way on its journey. Then follow the taxi that the journalist gets in without spooking him out too much. When the journalist gets out the taxi and makes contact with his target you can kill them both with 2 well placed head shots. Mission done.
            Rewards: Sniper rifle
            Mission Name: Ice Cold Killa
            Objective: Kill Jizzy
            Brief Description: The time is now right to eliminate Jizzy. Head to the Pleasure Dome and get inside somehow. You need to sneak around to get to Jizzy without causing a fuss. Jizzy runs out the building so once you've fought your way past his guards, exit the building and get a vehicle to catch and kill Jizzy to retrieve the phone.
            Rewards: Respect and $12'000
            Mission Name: Pier 69
            Objective: Gatecrash the meeting and kill all those involved
            Brief Description: This is the chance you've been waiting for to wipe out a large portion of your enemies. Head to the pier and up on the roof where you have to pick off people with a sniper rifle. Toreno arrives and leaves in a helicopter when he sees what is going on. Once you've picked off enough people you have to go in and take out T-Bone and Ryder.
            Rewards: Respect and $15'000
            Side Note: This will unlock the boating school
            Mission Name: Toreno's Last Flight
            Objective: Bring down Mike Toreno's helicopter with him in it
            Brief Description: You get a call telling you where Toreno is now. Head over there and kill everyone on the ground. The helicopter will then take off so make sure you pick up the rocket launcher from the helipad. Chase down the helicopter and bring it down by any means necessary.
            Rewards: Respect and $18'000
            Side Note: You need to complete Woozie's missions to access the final CJ mission
            <a name="woozie"></a>Wu Zi Mu's Missions
            Mission Name: Mountain Cloud Boys
            Objective: Kill the Vietenamise gang members responsible for the ambush on Woozie's boys
            Brief Description: After a hilarious cut-scene when you arrive at the location you have to basically just gun your way back out into your car. Once you've done that kill the 2 cars that are following you and take Woozie back to his place.
            Rewards: Respect and $5'000
            Mission Name: Ran Fa Li
            Objective: Retreive a package from the airport
            Brief Description: Take CJ to the parking in the airport and get in the car. You're then ambushed and have to drive back out the airport making sure the damage meter doesn't reach zero. Once you're out the airport you need to drive back to the lock up located on the map while evading your pursuers.
            Rewards: Respect and $6'000
            Mission Name: Lure
            Objective: Lure the Vietenamise gang members away from Ran Fa Li by taking a decoy down to Angel Pine
            Brief Description: The Vietenamise gang members are after Ran Fa Li. You must take a decoy down to Angel Pine going through 8 checkpoints and making sure the meter isn't filled up otherwise they will realise you have a decoy.
            Rewards: Respect and $8'000
            Mission Name: Amphibious Assault
            Objective: Swim out to sea and put a bug on a boat (Between 20:00 and 06:00)
            Brief Description: When you get in the water you will need to frequently dive under to avoid being spotted by boat patrols. Use a knife to kill any guards stealthily and plant the bug. Then you need to get back off the boat to finish the mission
            Rewards: Respect and $11'000
            Side Note: If you are unable to do this mission then spend more time underwater to increase your lung capacity
            Mission Name: The Da Nang Thang
            Objective: Swim out to a Vietenamise boat, rescue the refugees and kill the gang leader
            Brief Description: The more people you kill from the helicopter the easier the part on foot will be. Once you get shot down and climb on board you need to make your way down to the refugee cage and kill the guard holding them captive. Then get up to the cabin and kill the gang leader. Once that's done meet up with the refugees again to get off the boat to finish the mission.
            Rewards: Respect and $15'000
            Side Note: This will unlock CJ's final mission on the island
            <a name="cj3"></a>
              CJ's Mission Part 3
              Mission Name: Yay-Ka-Boom-Boom
              Objective: Blow up the Yay factory
              Brief Description: To cripple the Syndicate you now have to blow up their factory. Take a rigged car over there, shoot your way in and plant the car at the heart of the factory. You then have a limited time to get out of the building before it blows. Once you've done that escape and shoot your way past everyone in your way.
              Rewards: Respect and $25'000
              Side Note: After doing this mission you'll get a phone call asking you to go over the long bridge to the West side of the 3rd City in the desert, thus unlocking the 3rd City</ul>
              Desert Missions
              <a name="toreno"></a>Toreno's Missions
              Mission Name: Monster
              Objective: Get through all the checkpoints as fast as you can
              Brief Description: This is simply a race against the clock, you have 6 and a half minutes to go out on the map and come back. The truck topples easily so be careful.
              Rewards: Money depending on how fast you are
              Mission Name: Hijack
              Objective: Hijack a tanker and bring it back to Toreno's place
              Brief Description: As you find out in this mission, the voice you were hearing was none other than Toreno whom you thought was dead. You and Cesar need to hijack a tanker and return it to Toreno. That's it.
              Rewards: $7'000
              Mission Name: Interdiction
              Objective: Protect Toreno's Shipment
              Brief Description: Take a BF Injection into the desert and protect Toreno's Shipment Helicopter with a rocket launcher from other Helicopters coming in to claim the package.
              Rewards: $1'000
              Mission Name: Verdant Meadows
              Objective: Buy the Abandoned Airstrip
              Brief Description: After a cut scene with Toreno, you will be instructed to go buy the Airstrip in the middle of the desert. Follow the radar and step into the spinning green house.
              Rewards: None
              Side Note: You need to buy the Airstrip for $80'000 before you can carry on with the storyline missions. If you don't have the funds you need to raise them. This will unlock the Flight School
              <a name="flight"></a>Flight School
              Mission Name: Learning to Fly
              Objective: Obtain a 70% or better on each flight school exercise
              Brief Description: You will be walked through each exercise from taking off to circling the runway and doing barrel rolls.
              Rewards: Pilot's License when all missions are completed
              Side Note: You must get 70% or better on every exercise. Just getting your pilot's license is not enough, for new missions to appear.
              Mission Name: N.O.E.
              Objective: Fly Toreno's plane to drop off supplies to his men in the field.
              Brief Description: Fly the plane below radar down the coastline, through the corona and back again. If you fly too high and show up on radar other planes will spot you and shoot you down.
              Rewards: Respect and $15'000
              Mission Name: Stowaway
              Objective: Destroy a plane of cargo
              Brief Description: A plane lands nearby that needs to be destroyed. Hop on your bike and pursue the plane until you can drive the bike in the back. Once you're onboard you need to work your way to the front of the plane killing everyone in your path. Once you get there, kill the pilot, take his parachute, plant the explosives and get off the plane while detonating them.
              Rewards: $20'000
              Mission Name: Black Project
              Objective: Infiltrate a lab and bring back something at The Truth's request. (Between 22:00 and 06:00)
              Brief Description: This mission requires a lot of stealth in not tipping anyone off to your presence. If you are spotted then the base alert will go on, if the base alert rises again then you'll be hunted down. Make sure you disable the SAM site on the way around. Once you work your way to the room that the "Black Project" is stored in, making sure you got the keycard first, then you'll need to get in. Once you do this the base goes on full alert. Equip the jetpack and get the hell out of there to meet The Truth. Disabling the SAM site makes this task far easier.
              Rewards: Jetpack
              Mission Name: Green Goo
              Objective: Bring The Truth the Green Goo that he wants.
              Brief Description: The stuff The Truth wants is stored on a train. Land on the train and search the crates for the goo, being sure to take out the military personnel on board. Once you have it, get out of there and back to the Airport to give it to The Truth. Mission and asset completed.
              Rewards: $20'000 and permanant Jetpack
              Side Note: This will complete the Airstrip missions and generate a maximum of $10'000 revenue which you can pick up regularly
              Las Venturas
              <a name="dragons"></a>Casino / Four Dragons
              Mission Name: Fender Ketchup
              Objective: Scare the mob operative enough that he spills his guts
              Brief Description: A Scare-O-Meter Appears. You have to keep the mob operative alive while scaring him, tied to the hood of your car. Driving fast and insane jumps will scare him fast, as will driving the wrong way into incoming traffic. Once you fill the meter completely, the guy will talk.
              Rewards: $5,000 and Respect
              Mission Name: Explosive Situation
              Objective: Steal the special explosives from the Construction Site
              Brief Description: Use the giant truck parked in the construction pit to break open the boxes and steal the dynamite. Your path out is blocked though, so you will have to jump on that Sanchez over there and follow the blips out of the quarry!
              Rewards: $7,000 and Respect
              Side Note: This will unlock the Robbery Missions path as well as Quarry jobs
              Mission Name: You've Had Your Chips
              Objective: Bust up the Sindacco Chip Making factory
              Brief Description: Destroy the ten chip making machines inside the Sindacco chip making factory. Make sure you take out anyone who tries to stop you. Once your task is done, head back to the Casino to complete the mission.
              Rewards: $10,000 plus Respect
              Side Note: This will unlock The Truth's Mission
                <a name="truth3"></a>The Truth
                Mission Name: Don Peyote
                Objective: The Truth sends CJ into the desert to collect some UK Band
                Brief Description: Get a four door car and follow the blip into the desert. Once you have them, stop at the Snake Farm, where the locals will take a few shots at you. Shoot them back or just take off but return the UK Band to the Four Dragons safely.
                Rewards: Respect
                Side Note: This will unlock the Mafia missions</ul>
                <a name="mafia"></a>Mafia
                Mission Name: Intensive Care
                Objective: Deliver an invalid Mafia member to a safe location.
                Brief Description: Once you reach the hospital there are 3 ambulances that might contain your target. Bump each one and if it is the right one it will try to escape. Do enough damage for the ambulance to stop, steal it and get it to the safe house.
                Rewards: Respect and $5'000
                Side Note: This will unlock the C.R.A.S.H mission "Misappropriation"
                Mission Name: The Meat Business
                Objective: Bring Ken Rosenburg to a meeting
                Brief Description: After a cut scene, CJ and Ken are set upon by waves and waves of angry mafia members. Take your time and pick them off a little at a time, taking advatange of any cover you can get. Ken will handle extinguishing fires for you, so just worry about the gunmen. Get Ken back to Calligula's.
                Rewards: Respect and $8'000
                Side Note: This will unlock the Madd Dogg mission
                Mission Name: Freefall
                Objective: Fly out to meet a plane coming into Las Venturas carrying assasins to kill Salvatore Leone
                Brief Description: Starting from the Las Venturas airport, you fly out over the ocean towards the oncoming plane. Once you are close enough, you turn around and follow the plane flying through the red corona. A cut scene ensues and now you are inside the plane, playing a little shooting game with the assasins. Once they are dead, as well as the pilot, take control of the plane and fly yourself back to Las Venturas.
                Rewards: Respect and $15'000
                Side Note: This will unlock the C.R.A.S.H mission "High Noon"
                Mission Name: St Mark's Bistro
                Objective: Salvatore Leone has grown weary of the threat of the Forelli Family and is going to send CJ To Liberty City to end it once and for all.
                Brief Description: Fly to Liberty City and empty out the St Mark's Biistro of the Forelli Family. This is a high firepower duck and cover mission and unfortunately, you are not allowed to free roam Liberty City after the mission, you will return immedietaly and automatically to Las Venturas.
                Rewards: $20,000 and Respect
                Side Note: You need to complete Green Goo, Freefall, High Noon and Madd Dogg's mission to unlock this one. Side Note: This will unlock the Return to Los Santos path
                  <a name="dogg"></a>Madd Dogg
                  Mission Name: Madd Dogg
                  Objective: Keep Madd Dogg from committing sucide by breaking his fall
                  Brief Description: Grab the truck in the parking lot and get under Madd Dogg. Move the truck backward and forward to try to catch him. Once you have saved him drive him safely to the hospital.
                  Rewards: Respect and $20'000</ul>
                  <a name="crash3"></a>C.R.A.S.H.
                  Mission Name: Misappropriation
                  Objective: Collect the dossier from an agent in the desert
                  Brief Description: You cannot shoot down this helicopter, as it will destroy the dossier that Tenpenny wants. You must wait until the agent gets back out at Emerald Isle and shoot him, then collect the dossier to complete the mission.
                  Rewards: None
                  Mission Name: High Noon
                  Objective: Tenpenny calls again wanting that dossier.
                  Brief Description: Meet Tenpenny in a deserted desert town where you realize that he has you digging your own grave. When the other "prisoner" makes a last ditch attempt at Pulaski, he'll try and escape. Shoot out Pulaski's car's wheels. Give chase and put some lead into Pulaski's car to kill him. (Finally!)
                  Rewards: Respect
                  <a name="robbery"></a>Robbery/Casino Heist
                  Mission Name: Architectural Espionage
                  Objective: Get pictures of Caligula's Casino's Blue Prints
                  Brief Description: Get a camera and head over to city offices where you must damage an air conditioning unit to clear out the room with the blueprints. Once you have the picture, head back out while killing the guards who are now alerted to your presence and get back to the Four Dragons Casino to complete the mission.
                  Rewards: Respect
                  Mission Name: Key To Her Heart
                  Objective: Obtain the Key Card from Calligula's Casino Croupier
                  Brief Description: Follow the Croupier around town, but don't let her know you are following. Follow her to the Adult Shop and get yourself a gimp suit. Follow her home, and knock off her regular suitor. Now you can ring her doorbell and she is your girlfriend now.
                  Rewards: Respect
                  Side Note: You need to get to 50% relationship status with her to get the Key card or you can just kill her, it doesn't affect your 100% stats
                  Mission Name: Dam and Blast
                  Objective: Blast the dam and screw up the electricity to Calligula's
                  Brief Description: After parachuting from a plane to the dam, use shadows and stealth to plant explosives to blow up the dam. Use a knife to execute stealth kills to avoid being detected. Once you put charges on all 5 generators escape the building and drive away.
                  Rewards: Respect
                  Mission Name: Cop Wheels
                  Objective: Steal four police motorcycles
                  Brief Description: A timed mission, you must steal four cop motorcycles, which may be in motion, and get them on a moving transpost truck on the highway within 12 minutes. That's all there is to it.
                  Rewards: Respect
                  Mission Name: Up, Up and Away!
                  Objective: Steal a special helicopter from the Military Base so CJ can airlift an armoured truck (Between 22:00 and 06:00)
                  Brief Description: Sneak into the military base under heavy fire from the army, making your way to the helipad to steal the helicopter. 2 aircraft are dispatched to take out CJ, man the gun nearby and take them down. Once you've done that, get the helicopter and go pick up the van to take it back to the airfield to complete the mission.
                  Rewards: Respect
                  Mission Name: Breaking The Bank At Calligula's
                  Objective: After all your preparation it is time to knock over Calligula's!
                  Brief Description: This mission has many different elements, including driving, shooting, protecting allies, and parachuting, it's a bit of everything. Break into Calligula's, protect Woozie's men while they load the van with money and make your daring escape as well as a firefight with Las Venturas' Swat team! Take this mission one step at a time and you should be fine.
                  Rewards: Respect and $100'000
                  Return to Los Santos Missions
                  <a name="cj4"></a>CJ Missions
                  Mission Name: A Home In The Hills
                  Objective: CJ wants to go back to the Hood and re-establish himself. Woozie agrees to help CJ.
                  Brief Description: Parachutte to the top of Madd Dogg's mansion and fight wave after wave of Vagos gang members. Make your way inside and search out Big Poppa. Big Poppa will run and get into a car. Blow up his car or otherwise dispose of him to finish the mission.
                  Rewards: Respect
                  Side Note: This unlocks Madd Dogg's mansion as a save house
                  Mission Name: Vertical Bird
                  Objective: Things are quiet around [[Madd Dogg]'s mansion until Mike Toreno calls looking for CJ to do some more work for him.
                  Brief Description: He wants you to sneak on the aircraft carrier and steal him a jet, and take care of a few boats. Once you have destroyed the boats and everything else in your way you can take the jet back to your airfield. You've passed the mission and the Hydra is yours to keep.
                  Rewards: $50,000, Respect and Hydra Jet
                  Mission Name: Home Coming
                  Objective: Mike Toreno has one more favor to ask.
                  Brief Description: Pick up Sweet and get back to the 'hood. You'll see drug induced gang members everywhere. You need to take out the drug dealers while keeping Sweet alive. Then start a gang war with the Ballas and survive to reclaim your territory.
                  Rewards: Respect
                  Side Note: This unlocks Sweet's missions
                  Mission Name: Cut Throat Business
                  Objective: Catch OG Loc
                  Brief Description: OG Loc has made a phony name for himself, you need to catch him. Once you do that he'll admit to his errors and Madd Dogg will get a recording deal.
                  Rewards: Respect
                  <a name="sweet3"></a>Sweet
                  Mission Name: Beat Down on B-Dup
                  Objective: Find B-Dup and get clues about Big Smoke.
                  Brief Description: Head over to Glen Park, start a gang war and reclaim that territory. Once you've done that head over to B-Dup's house. He'll give out the info he knows once you get in and Big Bear will state that he wants to get back on the team.
                  Rewards: Respect
                  Mission Name: Grove 4 Life
                  Objective: Reclaim 2 neighbourhoods
                  Brief Description: Take Sweet and some gang members and reclaim two territories while keeping Sweet alive. That's all there is to it, though you'll need heavy firepower to do it.
                  Rewards: Respect and $10'000
                  Mission Name: Riot
                  Objective: Get from the Mansion to Grove Street in one piece
                  Brief Description: Tenpenny is charged but the charges are dropped as CJ removed too much of the evidence. This causes a massive riot to break out. You need to get back to Grove Street in one piece, much easier said than done. Routes may be blocked so be ready to detour.
                  Rewards: Respect
                  Side Note: You need to beat "Cut Throat Business" to unlock this mission
                  Mission Name: Los Desperados
                  Objective: Wipe out the Vagos gang members plaguing Cesar
                  Brief Description: Cesar needs some help so CJ goes to help him out. Basically you need to clear out all the Vagos gang members and keep Cesar alive. Make sure you are packing some serious weapons. AK-47 or M4 will help out greatly.
                  Rewards: Respect
                  Mission Name: End Of The Line
                  Objective: Finish all of the unfinished business
                  Brief Description: This is it, the final mission. It's long, so be ready. First you need to head to the SWAT tank on the map and take it. Then run the wall in front of Big Smoke's fortress down to gain entry. You need to fight through 4 levels to get to Big Smoke. After a brief chat the fight begins, Night Vision Goggles will be handy here. After you bring him down Tenpenny starts a fire by blowing up a generator. Put out the fires (if you're fireproof just run out) on your way out of the factory using a fire extinguisher. Tenpenny jumps in a firetruck and tries to escape while Sweet hangs on. Get in a car and make sure you catch Sweet when he falls off. Then CJ becomes the gunman and you have to take out everyone pursuing you. Once you've done that Tenpenny will eventually lose control and crash over a bridge, still defiant to the end.
                  Rewards: Respect
                  Side Note: You need to control at least 35% of the Los Santos territory to attempt this mission
                  ~End of Main Storyline Missions~

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