A comprehensive categorization of missions in the GTA series.


[edit] Grand Theft Auto

The game is basically divided up into 3 maps: Downtown, Residential and Industrial. On each map you can do 7 missions for each gang and then one final mission right at the end after that. Depending on the level of respect you have with a gang, you can do either the green payphone missions, yellow payphone missions or red payphone missions if you have almost maximum respect. Once you've done all 22 missions on the map everyone will start to riot and there'll be complete chaos.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto III

Liberty City is divided in 3 islands: Portland, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale. Several missions can be taken from each island by several people. Some of them include: Asuka and Kenji Kasen, Donald Love and Salvatore Leone. There are payphone missions that can be completed, such as El Burro and King Courtney. The main plot is that Claude and his girlfriend are robbing a bank, but his girllfriend, Catalina, leaves him for dead. Claude then wants revenge after escaping police custody.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

In Vice City, there are only two islands. They are simply referred to as the East and West islands. Tommy Vercetti takes missions from several people, including Avery Carrington, Big Mitch Baker, Love Fist and even himself. There are payphone missions, but they are just assassination missions. The main plot is that Tommy Vercetti arrived in Vice City to take over it for the Forellis on orders of Sonny Forelli, the leader. When Tommy loses Sonny's money AND drugs, Sonny is furious. When Tommy builds an empire under his own name and not for the Forellis, Sonny pays him a visit.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

In San Andreas, there are 3 districts representing a city in America. Los Santos represents Los Angeles, San Fierro represents San Fransisco and Las Venturas and the surrounding desert represents Las Vegas and the surrounding Nevada desert. Missions can be taken from several people, including ones from the previous games, suh as Salvatore Leone, Ken Rosenberg, Big Smoke and the GTA III antagonist Catalina. Because of the sheer size of San Andreas, there are not payphone missions. The plot is that Carl Johnson, who, like Tommy Vercetti, had just spent some time in Liberty City, had arrived to San Andreas to find out who killed Beverly Johnson, his mother. He finds out that a corrupt group of cops and his former friend were responsible.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Back in Liberty City, this time in 1998, Toni Cipriani is out stopping the Sicilian mafia and its caporegime (who Toni and Salvatore thought was the leader, but it turns out to be Salvatore's elderly uncle). There are changes to Liberty City, such as Callahan Bridge being built, and the Harwood tunnel to Staunton Island replaced with a ferry terminal. The payphone missions are all races.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Back in Vice City, this time in 1984, Vic Vance is trying to stop The Mendez Brothers and Jerry Martinez, who are importing large amount of drugs into Vice City. He also gets on the bad side of the Mendez Brothers after stealing their drug shipment, thinking it belonged to another of Vic's enemies, Jerry Martinez, who got Vic discharged from the army.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV is set in 2008 and features the arrival of immigrant Niko Bellic, searching for his army buddy, Florian Craic. But during his stay, Niko also has to take down Jimmy Pegorino or Dimitri Rascalov

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