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Introduced In: Big Smoke

Killed In: End Of The Line

[edit] History

Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris (Born 1952) is a senior member of the Grove Street Families. He is the secondary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He is introduced to Carl Johnson in the mission, "Big Smoke". At the start of the game, there are telltale signs of disloyalty to the GSF. Smoke moves out of his Grove Street home to a place in Idlewood, Ballas territory. The rest of the gang suspect the house was paid for with drug money, despite Smoke saying it was money from his aunt. Big Smoke's rotund figure add some comedy to the game's opening missions.

As the game progresses, signs of Smoke's disloyalty to the GSF become increasingly evident. In the mission, "Drive Thru", the rest of the Grove are shooting at a car full of Ballas, while Smoke just sits in the backseat, eating fast-food. Smoke gets involved in conflicts with non-native gangs, such as the Russian Mafia and the San Fierro Rifas.

Smoke begins to convince other members of the Grove to sell hard drugs to keep up with their rival gangs. He easily convinces Ryder, but the leader of the GSF, Sean Johnson, says no.

Smoke allies himself with the Ballas and Vagos, and becomes more powerful on Los Santos. At the height of his power, he runs his drug empire from a heavily-fortified crack-den in Idlewood, referred to as a "crack palace". He becomes increasingly paranoid that other gangs will attempt to either take over his business, or kill him. He stops leaving the crack palace, but his influence spread all over Los Santos. Former GSF footsoldiers are becoming addicted to crack, and no longer protecting their territory.

A city-wide riot ensues, and CJ goes to the "crack palace" to confront Big Smoke. He finds Smoke sitting wearing an armored vest, smoking crack and playing a video-game. CJ takes pity on his former friend and asks him what happened to him. Smoke merely says, "What the fuck do you care?". Smoke turns out the lights, and CJ kills him in a gun battle. As Smoke dies, he explains that he wanted to become rich and powerful, and didn't stop to think of the consequences. With his last breath he boasts that everyone will remember his name.

[edit] Trivia

  • Smoke's license plate reads "A2TMFK" which could be translated as "a two-timing fuck", hinting at his betrayal.
  • Big Smoke claimed he had a cousin who was killed by the Russians.
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