Manny Escuela

Manny Escuela
Manny Escuela.jpg
NameManny Escuela
Born8 February 1975
Height5’ 11” (1.80 m)
Voice actorBerto Colon

[edit] History

Introduced in "Escuela Of The Streets"

Killed in "Have A Heart"

Manny Escuela is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV. He was a former Puerto Rican gangster, but reformed and worked as a dance instructor, teaching young hoodlums to express themselves. He began work on a documentary based on the harsh reality of "the streets" and how he is cleaning them up. He meets Niko Bellic when Niko moves to Bohan, and starts enlisting his help to clear the streets of gangsters. However, when Niko has completed the job, Manny took credit for it, to make himself look better in the documentary.

He was unhappy with the final edit, claiming it didn't make him look "street". He attempts to film Elizabeta Torres, a Bohan drug-dealer, to make his film more aggresive. Unfortunately, this lead to his untimely demise.

[edit] Death

Manny tried to film Elizabeta Torres for his documentary. In a paranoid and drug-addled state of mind, due to police closing in on her operation, she shot Manny and his cameraman in the head, then ordered Niko to get rid of the bodies.

Manny's remains were sold to a "doctor" who would then sell on body parts to those who needed them.

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