Luigi Goterelli

Introduced in: Luigi's Girls

Last seen in: Salvatore's called a meeting

Luigi Goterelli
Gta3 character luigi 02.jpg
NameLuigi Goterelli
Age39 (2001)
Height6' 1" (1.86 m)
Born7 October 1971
GangLeone Family
Voice ActorJoe Pantoliano


[edit] About Luigi

Luigi only appears in Grand Theft Auto III. He uses his club as a front for a prostitution business. Most of his missions revolve around his girls and the first mission introduced the new drug SPANK. Luigi is the first person to give Claude missions. His missions are very easy because his missions are used to introduce people to the game. Luigi also has a bodyguard called Mickey Hamfists.

[edit] Sex Club 7

Sex Club 7 can be found in the Red Light District in Portland. Luigi's club was seen in Liberty City Stories under the ownership of JD O'Toole. JD was killed under the orders of Salvatore Leone and the club went under the ownership of the Leone Family. Sometime before the events of Grand Theft Auto III, Luigi was appointed as the owner of Sex Club 7.

[edit] Luigi's missions

[edit] Don't Spank ma bitch up

Plot Devices introduced: Spank

Luigi wants a person selling Spank to his girls to be killed by Claude.

[edit] Drive Misty for me

Characters introduced: Jooey Leone, Misty

Luigi tells Claude to take one of his girls, Misty, to Joey Leone.

[edit] Pump-Action Pimp

Luigi wants a Diablo gang member killed after he starts pimping near Luigi's club. Luigi tells Claude to use a gun on him.

[edit] The Fuzz Ball

The Policeman's ball is being held near Chinatown and Luigi wants Claude to pick up some of his girls and take them to the Policeman's Ball in just 5 minutes.

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