Love Juice (mission)

Characters introduced: Percy, Willy, Dick

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Love Juice is a Love Fist mission that can be started at the V-Rock Radio Station.

Overview- Love Juice is the first Love Fist mission. In it, the group want Tommy Vercetti to pick up items from around Vice City, such as Mercedes Cortez and ingredients for a drink.

Cut Scene 1- Tommy is introduced to Love Fist by Kent Paul while Love Fist are performing a song in a booth in the V-Rock radio station. Love Fist's first mission for Tommy is to gather several unusual ingredients, the ingredients being "2 parts Boomshine (likely originating by Phil Cassidy), one part trumpet, 5 fizz bombs and a litre of petrol". Gameplay 1- A dealer has got all of the necessary ingredients. Tommy drives to where the dealer is located, near to the radio station. After briefly speaking to each other, the dealer runs off with Tommy's money and the drugs. He escapes by motorcycle and after a chase, Tommy kills the dealer to retrieve his money back, as well as the ingredients. He gets a call from Kent asking Tommy to get some company for the band. Tommy knows someone for the job and visits Mercedes house. After Mercedes gets in Tommy's vehicle, he only has 1:30 minutes to get back to the radio station with Mercedes and the 'love juice'.

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