List of weapons in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories


[edit] Melee

  • Fist

This is pretty self-explanatory. You just punch.

  • Brass Knuckles

These make your punches more powerful.

  • Baseball Bat

This baseball bat is useful other than playing baseball. This a good weapon for a one-on-one fight. One smack to the head and you're out cold.

  • Axe

Not a very efficient weapon but fun if you like hacking away at people.

  • Katana

With this weapon, you can actually cut off some heads! Be sure to use this in a more private area to avoid getting a wanted level.

  • Gaff Hook

This weapon is sometimes seen in a Biker's hands. This hook is nothing to be worried about but once you're on the ground look out because it's hard to get up as these things will beat you down hard.

  • Machete

This large sword is extremely powerful and can slice a person quickly.

  • Chainsaw

These kill people quick. They also get you wanted levels quickly! So, be sure to use this in moderation.

  • Knife

A pretty useless weapon compared to weapons like the chainsaw and the katana but good for up close melee attacks.

  • Golf Club

FORE! This weapon can hit a golf ball pretty far and smack you upside the head pretty quickly and can be found at Leaf Links Golf Club

  • Night Stick

This is one of the better weapons to use to avoid a wanted level. They are usually carried by the VCPD.

[edit] Explosives

  • Grenades

A deadly effective weapon when launching up a quick attack in a crowded area.

  • Remote Grenades

Exactly like the grenade, but you decide when the grenade explodes. Fun to play around with.

  • Molotov Cocktails

Use this if you want to get the job done. If accurately thrown, you can burn and explode a car with one throw.

[edit] Handguns

  • Pistols

It usually takes a few rounds to kill a person but awfully convenient.

  • Equalizer

An extremely powerful handgun as with one round, it can kill a person instantly.

[edit] Shotguns

  • Chrome Shotgun

This is a classic twelve-gauge shotgun that will scare the sense out of you. This is the weakest of the shotguns as it may take one or two shots for a kill.

  • Stubby Shotgun

Slightly better than the chrome shotgun, this stubby variation packs more a punch.

  • SPAZ 12

The most powerful of the three shotguns. This gun guarantees an instant will and it reloads quite quickly.

[edit] Submachine Guns

  • Mac-10

Although this is the weakest of the submachine guns, it without a doubt packs a powerful punch to its opponent.

  • Scorpion

It's a pretty average submachine gun. Gives a good punch and the sound it makes is awesome!

  • Uzi/Micro SMG

Carried and used by the FBI, it's hard to get by these ones as they are very powerful and will bring your health down quickly.

  • SMG

The SMG is the best submachine gun in the game. Used by the Army at 6-stars, it certainly gets the job done.

[edit] Assault Rifles

  • AK-47

One of the most epic guns known in the GTA series. The Russian assault rifle is absolutely deadly when clearing out target pedestrians.

  • M4

Little to almost no difference to the AK-47 only that the M4 is a little more powerful.

[edit] Heavy Weapons

  • Rocket Launcher

Extremely useful shooting down helicopters when you're being wanted. Careful though as you aim it to closely to yourself and a chunk of your health will be missing.

  • Flame-Thrower

This weapons is great when dealing with large crowds of people. Just pull the trigger and people will be aflame.

  • M249

One of the best weapons of the game. Although it is quite heavy, just one round from this heavy weapon and you're picking daisies.

  • Mini-Gun

Again, a really epic gun in the GTA series. It's turning barrels hold mass amounts of ammo for constant fire.

[edit] Sniper Rifles

  • Sniper

Another really powerful weapon. It's strong zoom in rate makes it deadly for spotting out targets which are some distant away. There's also a trick with the sniper where you shoot the moon and it resizes.

  • Laser Sniper

Slightly better than the original Sniper. This Laser Sniper is used for combat as it reloads quickly and has a better aiming system as it has a directed laser.

[edit] Items/Accessories

  • Binoculars

Great if you don't want to use your sniper rifle to zoom in on locations.

  • Camera

Only obtainable with the CheatDevice and in a certain mission.

  • Detonator

Not really considered a weapon, as it is only used for two things; detonating a car bomb and detonating a remote grenade.

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