List of missions in Grand Theft Auto IV

[edit] Roman Bellic

[edit] Michelle

[edit] Little Jacob

[edit] Vladimir Glebov

[edit] Mikhail Faustin

[edit] Dimitri Rascalov

[edit] Brucie Kibbutz

[edit] Manny Escuela

[edit] Elizabeta Torres

[edit] Playboy X

[edit] Dwayne Forge

[edit] United Liberty Paper

[edit] Francis McReary

[edit] Patrick McReary

[edit] Derrick McReary

[edit] Gerald McReary

[edit] Ray Boccino

[edit] Phil Bell

[edit] Bernie Crane

[edit] Gambetti

*Your mums Pussy

[edit] Jimmy Pegorino

[edit] Niko Bellic

[edit] Side Missions

[edit] Online Multiplayer

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