List of missions in Grand Theft Auto Advance

The missions in Grand Theft Auto Advance are more non-linear than the previous missions in previous games. Now the player can choose an outcome, sometimes leading to if a character lives or dies.


[edit] Portland

Mike gets 3 employers during his time in Portland.

[edit] Vinnie

[edit] Jump Start

Characters introduced: Vinnie, Cisco

Gameplay elements introduced: Safehouse

This mission involves Vinnie introducing Mike to Liberty City and Mike's new safe house.

[edit] Dirty Laundry

Gameplay elements introduced: Ammu-Nation

Vinnie wants Mike to take out a person using a gun from Ammunation.

[edit] Hot Wheels

Gameplay elements introduced: Pay N' Spray

Vinnie wants Mike to get a very fast car, a Banshee. Mike gets seen and has to lose the police using a nearby Pay N' Sparay.

[edit] Ill-Gotten

Vinnie wants Mike to get 3 briefcases with increasing levels of protection, from no resistance to baseball bats to the guard stealing it and running off with it.

[edit] Payback

A rival gang has been disrespecting the gang Vinnie works with, so Vinnie orders Mike to kill members of the rival gang.

[edit] Fake IDs

Characters introduced: 8-Ball

Before Mike can leave his life behind of Liberty City and crime, Vinnie tells him to get fake IDs off 8-Ball. Mike gets found out by the police and is left running off with a 2-star wanted level.

[edit] Getaway

Characters disappeared: Vinnie

Vinnie tells Mike to meet him at a meeting point with the Banshee from Hot Wheels. When there, Vinnie's car explodes, presumably killing him.

[edit] 8-Ball

[edit] Twisted Metal

8-Ball and Mike decide to get rid of Vinnie's body. Mike takes it in a car to the car crusher.

[edit] Ill Repute

8-Ball wants Mike to deliver some of his girls to different places around Portland.

[edit] Droppin' Bombs

8-Ball needs to deliver a late shipment to a customer. If Mike arrives late the customer is angry. If early, the customers feedback is positive. the next part of the mission is to drop off 3 Diabolos at a mansion in a time limit.

[edit] Scorelli

8-Ball wants some payback from some guys. Then Mike gets in a Diabolo car and has to respray it.

[edit] Love Boat

Characters introduced: Jonnie

One of the girls from Ill Repute has information on Vinnie's death. At a meeting place Vinnie had originally organised, Mike meets Jonnie. Mike then has 1 minute to escape from enemy gang members.

[edit] Jonnie

[edit] Time's Up

Jonnie has been waiting for a while for some men to pay him back, so Mike has to kill them all.

[edit] Sober Driver

A woman leaves Jonnie's bar and requests Mike to take her to another bar. At the other bar, some men try to rob her but is then rescued by Mike. The woman then tells Mike to take her home, but on the way is seen by her boyfriend. Both escape back to her house.

[edit] Happy Hour

Jonnie wants some brew in time for happy hour. The brew is hinted to be very strong, as it made one courier forget his wife's name and that it was more powerful that what another courier's grandfather made in Russia.

[edit] Grand Opening

A disco club is opening near to Jonnie's club and Jonnie wants it gone. Mike fits a car with a bomb and destroys the building. Mike ends up needing to get rid of a 3-star wanted rating.

[edit] Pocket Rocket

Mike gets a Rocket Launcher for Jonnie, but cannot use it. Several waves of people go to Mike, trying to kill him.

[edit] Political Will

Jonnie wants a smoking ban gone but first has to scare a senator enough that the senator changes his mind. As Mike is now dealing with a senator, he gets a 3 stars wanted rating just if he hits the Senator's stretch.

[edit] Show the Money

Characters killed: Jonnie Characters introduced/Can be killed: Freddy

Jonnie tells Mike that a guy, Freddy, owes Jonnie money, so Mike is sent out to collect it. When Mike meets up with Freddy, Mike is given two options: Wait until Freddy returns or take the money and leave. If Mike leaves with the money, he receives only $1000. If Mike waits, he would have to kill Freddy and some of his henchmen, but afterwards receives $5000. When Mike returns to Jonnie's bar, he finds Jonnie dead and a car leaving. Mike follows the car to Staunton Island.

[edit] Staunton Island

[edit] King Courtney

[edit] Race to Run

Characters introduced: King Courtney

King Coutney wants Mike to race against the Yakuza. If Mike wins, he gets to try out King Courtney's racer.

[edit] Latin Coffee

The Colombian Cartel is doing business where the Yardies do business as well, so King Courtney tells Mike to steal some of the Colombian Cartel's coffee cans.

[edit] The Big Score

King Courtney tells Mike of a meeting with Cisco, head of the Colombian Cartel and who King Courtney believed was responsible for Vinnie and Jonnie's death. King Courtney then offers protection. Mike goes to the meeting spot by himself as the backup didn't arrive. Mike then spots two men leaving a car and walking down an alley way, giving Mike two options, go down the alleyway and waste everybody or wait for the two men to arrive and destroy their car. Either way, King Courtney tells Mike that they were only King Courtney's lieutenants.

[edit] Fine Dining

Characters introduced: Cisco

King Courtney informs Mike that Cisco is spotted at a restaurant. Mike goes to the restaurant and is given two options: go around the back or face the guards. If Mike goes around the back, he meets up with Cisco who attacks Mike but after hurting Cisco enough, shows respect to Mike. Cisco tells Mike that the Yakuza or Yardies would more likely be involved in Vinnie's death. If Mike goes to the guards, he tells the guards that he is there to kill Cisco, but Cisco escapes and Mike chases after him in a car chase. Cisco tells Mike that King Courtney is a liar.

[edit] Cisco

[edit] Flying High

Cisco wants Mike to deliver shoes to some customers. A person named Pat refuses to work for Cisco so Mike kidnaps Pat's pet dog and replaces it with meat from a nearby butcher. Eventually, Cisco tells Mike to kill Pat. Cisco also wants Mike to deliver shoes to other customers but they do not revolt against Cisco.

[edit] Factory Wages

Cisco wants a factory blown up. He wants Mike to get a technician's ID card. Mike can choose to kill him or let him live. Afterwards, Mike gets a car bomb and parks it out the front of the factory and explodes the car.

[edit] School's Out

Cisco wants Mike to kidnap a kid leaving school. The kid is no ordinary child, as she is the niece of Yakuza leader Asuka Kasen, Yuka. Mike steals a stretch limo and collects Yuka. After delivering her, Cisco has no further work for Mike but Mike threatens harm if Yuka is mistreated.

[edit] Asuka Kasen

[edit] Kid's A Hero

Characters introduced: Asuka Kasen Asuka wants her niece back, not knowing it was Mike who kidnapped her in the first place. Yuka is being held in a coach and Mike has two options to approach the bus. The first option is to go to a deal and the informant reveals Yuka's location. The second option is that Mike steals Asuka's money, but Asuka tells Mike anyway where Yuka is being kept. Mike steals the coach containing Yuka and delivers her to Asuka.

[edit] Ante Up

A casino owner isn't paying protection to the Yakuza. Asuka tells Mike to either get her money or blow the casino up. A crooked cop is also paying protection to the casino. If Mike kills the cop, the casino will start paying protection. Now there are two options for Mike: Kill the cop or blow up the casino. To blow up the casino, Mike has to blow it up using a car bomb. Mike would then recieve 3 stars and needs to go to a Pay N' Spray. To kill the cop, Mike has to smash a police car the crooked cop is in and simply kill him. After that, Mike has to go to the pay n' spray then collect the money from the casino.

[edit] Two-Hand Toss

Asuka wants Mike to injure a quarterback for the Vice City Mambas, the same team BJ Smith plays for in Vice City.

[edit] Scorned Lover

Asuka's former lover, a director, has rejected her. Asuka wants him dead his alligator shoes shown as proof. At the movie set, Mike can either take the shoes and let him live (Mike only receives 2 stars), or take the shoes and kill him (Mike receives 3 stars).

[edit] Sue Me Sushi

Asuka can smell a rotten blow fish smell and wants the driver delivered to her. There are 3 trucks and two of them isn't the person Asuka wants. After pulling over the first two trucks, the drivers want to hurt Mike, so he only beats them up. The third is the person and Mike is faced with the decision to kill him or take him to Asuka.

[edit] Down The River

Asuka wants to get 15 Mafia men and deliver them to the docks.

[edit] Bad Pimpin'

A pimp is bothering Aduka so Mike has to kill him and some guards. Asuka tells Mike about where a bomber connected to Vinnie's death is, but when Mike arrives, the bomber is dead but his pager reads a message of a meeting in Shoreside Vale. Mike gets 4 star and the Mafia starts chasing him until he enters Shoreside Vale.

[edit] Shoreside Vale

[edit] Cisco

[edit] Mystery Killer

Both Cisco and Mike are in Shoreside Vale to find who killed the bomber. There are two options to complete this mssion. Go to Cisco's headquarters or go to Wichita Gardens. If Mike goes to Cisco first, he would then go to Wichita Gardens with backup to kill an informant who ties to kill Mike.

[edit] Decoy Disaster

Mike needs to be a decoy while Cisco leaves for a meeting. Eventually while driving around the city, several different gang members chase Mike. After Mike completes the decoy run, he is told by Cisco to go to meet with a amn. The man and his gang attack Mike, but Mike survives.

[edit] Truth Revealed

Characters reintroduced/ kiled: Vinnie Characters killed: Cisco

Vinnie is revealed to have been behind the plot on his own death. He had faked his death to get away with their money. Vinnie has also sided with the Diabolos and has a minigun. Vinnie says that Mike doesn't want to kill him but Mike says that Vinnie is wrong and kills him.

[edit] 8-Ball

[edit] Love of Money

Because Cisco is dead, the rest of the cartel belives that Mike killed him. While 8-Ball and Mike are at a restaurant, the Cartel and its new boss arrive to kill Mike. Mike protects 8-Ball as waves of enemies enter trying to kill Mike.

[edit] Asuka Kasen

[edit] Taking Revenge

Mike believes that if he gets rid of the new Cartel leader, the rest of the Cartel would leave him alone. The Cartel boss tells him that his troubles would get worst if he was killed. He would have King Courtney and his yardies, as well as the Cartel after him. Mike stops and lets the leader live in exchange that the Cartel would no longer bother him.

[edit] Assault Joint

The Mafia has finally caught up with Mike and now there are several members that Mike has to kill. Mike goes to a warehouse where King Courtney is hiding in with Yakuza backup but they run away. Mike then attacks King Courtney, but Mike lets him live and is declared winner by King Courtney.

[edit] Mike

[edit] Smackdown

Mike plans to attack the Yardies before they attack him. He has 4 minutes to go around killing Yardies. After killing the Yardies, Mike gets 4 stars and must get rid of them to complete the mission.

[edit] Freedom Flies

Unlike the previous final missions of other Grand Theft Auto games, Mike has to simply escape Liberty City with a 6-star wanted level. At the beginning of the mission, Mike is supplied a tank to get to Francis International Airport in just 5 minutes.

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