List of missions in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


[edit] Main Missions

An Old Friend

[edit] Missions by Ken Rosenberg

The Party

Back Alley Brawl

Jury Fury


[edit] Missions by Colonel Juan Cortez

Treacherous Swine

Mall Shootout

Guardian Angels

Sir, Yes Sir!

All Hands on Deck

[edit] Missions by Avery Carrington

Four Iron

Demolition Man

Two Bit Hit

[edit] Missions by Ricardo Diaz

The Chase

Phnom Penh '86

The Fastest Boat

Supply & Demand

Rub Out

[edit] Missions by Kent Paul

Death Row

[edit] Missions by Tommy Vercetti


Bar Brawl

Cop Land

Cap the Collector

Keep Your Friends Close...

[edit] Extra Missions

[edit] Missions by Umberto Robina

Stunt Boat Challenge

Cannon Fodder

Arkopal Ray

Naval Engagement

Trojan Voodoo

[edit] Missions by Love Fist

Love Juice

Psycho Killer

Publicity Tour

[edit] Missions by Big Mitch Baker

Alloy Wheels of Steel

Messing with the Man

Hog Tied

[edit] Missions by Auntie Poulet

Juju Scramble

Bombs Away!

Dirty Lickin's

[edit] Missions by Phil Cassidy

Gun Runner

Boomshine Saigon

[edit] Payphone Missions

Road Kill

Waste the Life


Check out at the Check in

Loose Ends

[edit] Asset Missions

[edit] The Malibu Club Asset Missions

No Escape

The Shootist

The Driver

The Job

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[edit] Print Works Asset Missions

Spilling the Beans

Hit the Courier

[edit] Film Studio Asset Missions

Recruitment Drive

Dildo Dodo

Martha's Mug Shot


[edit] Kaufman Cabs Asset Missions


Friendly Rivalry


[edit] Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory Asset Missions


[edit] Boatyard Asset Missions

Checkpoint Charlie

[edit] Sunshine Autos Assets Missions

Terminal Velocity

Ocean Drive

Border Run

Capital Cruise


V.C. Endurance

Garage List 1

Garage List 2

Garage List 3

Garage List 4

[edit] Pole Position Strip Club Asset Missions

The back room

[edit] Hidden Missions

[edit] Hyman Memorial Stadium




[edit] Remote Controlled Vehicles

RC Baron Race

RC Bandit Race

RC Raider

[edit] Other Missions

PCJ Playground

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