List of characters in Grand Theft Auto IV

This page contains a list of characters in Grand Theft Auto IV, both major characters and supporting ones.


[edit] Major Characters

[edit] Roman Bellic

Roman Bellic
  • Roman is Niko's cousin. He lives in Liberty City and claims to be living the "American Dream", and claims to have two women, four hot tubs and fifteen sports cars, but he really owns a gritty taxi firm in the heart of the city and is heavily in debt with various figures around the city. He successfully persuaded his cousin Niko to move to Liberty City. Their relationship is tense and they are always bickering.

[edit] Little Jacob

Little Jacob

Introduced in: "Jamaican Heat"

  • Jacob "Little Jacob" Hughes is a 26 year old Jamaican arms dealer who lives in Dukes and sells Niko weapons out of the trunk of his car. He and Roman are good friends. After doing a few storyline missions for him, you have the option of calling him to see if he has a job for you. His special ability for being friends with Niko is selling him weapons and armor (with the exception of the rocket launcher), for lower prices than those offered by gun shops.

[edit] Patrick McReary

Patrick McReary

Introduced in: "Luck of the Irish"

  • Patrick "Packie" McReary is an Irish thug who is also the heir to Liberty City's declining Irish Mob. Youngest of the McReary family, he is related to corrupt police detective Francis McReary, Derrick McReary, Kate McReary and Gerry McReary. He lives with his mother and sister, although he doesn't seem to like them much, and he hated his late father. His special ability for being friends with Niko is providing him with specialized bombs, which can be attached to cars, and detonated with the cell phone.

[edit] Brucie Kibbutz

Brucie Kibbutz

Introduced in: "Logging On"

  • Bruce "Brucie" Kibbutz is a fitness enthusiast and loud mouth, who enjoys fine women and cars. He enjoys the attention he gets from being rich and is a steroid user, specifically "bull shark testosterone". Brucie seems to be very cocky and annoying to Niko, but the two manage to become unlikely friends. Brucie owns a garage by Roman's first taxi depot in Broker called "Brucie's Executive Auto Garage." Brucie's special ability is providing free helicopter rides for Niko.

[edit] Dimitri Rascalov

Dimitri Rascalov

Introduced in: "Crime and Punishment"

  • Dimitri Rascalov is Russian criminal. He serves as the main antagonist of the game.

[edit] Supporting Characters

[edit] Manny Escuela

Manny Escuela
  • Info Coming Soon

[edit] Elizabeta Torres

Elizabeta Torres
  • Not much information is known just yet about Elizabeta. She will make an appearance later on in the game and will be a minor character.

[edit] Playboy X

PlayBoy X
  • Info coming soon

[edit] Dwayne Forge

Dwayne Forge
  • Info coming soon

[edit] Phil Bell

Phil Bell
  • Info coming soon

He is a oldish guy. Niko gets dragged into crime with him. But he does die at the end

[edit] Francis McReary

Francis McReary
  • Info Coming Soon

[edit] Derrick McReary

  • Info Coming Soon

[edit] Kate McReary

  • Info Coming Soon

[edit] Mallorie

  • Info Coming Soon

[edit] Michelle/Karen

  • Info Coming Soon

[edit] Vlad Glebov

Vlad Glebov
  • Vlad is a guy who likes to think about himself as a big time gangster who has parts of Liberty City under his own control. But really he's just a small time crook with a big dream.

[edit] Ray Boccino

  • Info Coming Soon

[edit] Mikhail Faustin

  • Info Coming Soon

[edit] Johnny Klebitz

Introduced in: Blow Your Cover

[edit] Minor Characters

[edit] Bledar Morina

  • Info Coming Soon

[edit] Darko Brevic

  • Info Coming Soon

[edit] Badman

Is the second in command and the assistant of Little Jacob's Jamaican gang.

[edit] Bernie Crane / Florian Cravic

  • Info Coming Soon

[edit] Brian

Brian is a random character that can be encountered on the streets of Liberty City. At first, he is found near Roman's Taxi Company insulting Niko but then gets off drugs and wants to set his life straight.

[edit] Eddie Low

Eddie Low is a serial killer that Niko encounters. He is wanted by the Police because of his crimes. It's optional for Niko to kill Eddie during his second encounter.

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