List of characters in Grand Theft Auto III


[edit] 8-Ball

Introduced in: Introduction

8-Ball is introduced to you in the very first mission “Give Me Liberty” and you will see plenty of him through the game. Although he becomes slightly useless because of his hands, he is still a key character since he sets you up for work in the city. He owns a bomb shop called 8-Ball’s Bomb Shop and he is an expert in the field of explosive devices meaning that he will come in handy several times in the course of the game. 8-Ball was voiced by The Guru

[edit] Asuka Kasen

Introduced in: Last requests (Salvatore Leone)

Seemingly killed in: Ransom

Asuka is the sister of Yakuza leader Kenji Kasen, and you will first meet her in a mission called Last Requests. Although she dies later in the game she plays an important role in that she saves Claude from Salvatore and later provides missions for him. She later sends out Claude to stop Catalina’s small SPANK industry as revenge and is seemingly killed by Catalina herself but possibly lives. Asuka Kasen was voiced by Lianna Pai

[edit] Catalina

Introduced in: Introduction

Killed in: The Exchange (Catalina)

Introduced in the very first cut-scene of the game seen betraying Claude, Catalina is well known for being a big-time criminal - she will do anything to stop herself from being caught or killed and she will do anything to have it all. In the course of the game she is seen betraying, murdering, robbing banks, running a drugs industry and kidnapping before she finally gets her demise at the end. Catalina isn’t a woman to be messed with or underestimated. Catalina was voiced by Cynthia Farrell

[edit] Chunky Lee Chong

Introduced/ Killed in: Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong

Only a small character, but still a character nevertheless. Mr. Chong owns a noodle stall in Chinatown and is a member of the Triads. You will have to kill him for Joey because he is supposedly working with the Cartel to get them some SPANK.

[edit] Claude Speed (AKA Fido)

Introduced in: Introduction

This is the guy you play as, infamous for having no name and is popularly dubbed "Fido". The silent type, at the start of the game he's on his way to jail when the van carrying him in is destroyed and the bridge they were going over completely blown up. He then has to work his way up from the streets and establish himself in Liberty City. He can also be seen in San Andreas with his girlfriend Catalina.

[edit] Curly Bob

Introduced/Kiled in: Cutting the Grass (Salvatore Leone)

Curly works behind the bar in Luigi’s club and he is a snitch who will dish out information on anyone if it means he can get hold of some SPANK. Curly Bob was voiced by Hunter Platin

[edit] D-Ice

Introduced in: Uz-I Money (D-Ice)

Last level done for him: Rumble, but Rigged to Blow can be done at any time afterwards.

Only a small character that you will never meet in person - he’s one of the guys who will give you missions from a payphone and being a leader of the Southside Hoods, his missions are gang based. D-Ice was voiced by Walter Mudu

[edit] Donald Love

Introduced in: Liberator (Donald Love)

Disappears/hinted to be killed in: Love's Disappearance (Donald Love)

Donald Love is the entrepreneur who owns Love Media and he is quite the gentleman – or so first impressions would make you think. Really, this man is quite evil and he will offer Claude several missions from his apartment on Staunton Island. Later on, Donald will make a disappearing act from the city to never be seen again in the game. This disappearing act is his second in the GTA timeline (he does his first one in Liberty City Stories). He is the owner of the Liberty City radio stations Head Radio, Flashback 95.6 and Chatterbox FM. These are only 3 of the radio stations he is known to own – really he is said to own around 900 radio stations and hundreds of other companies. Donald Love was voiced by Kyle MacLachlan

[edit] El Burro

Introduced in: Turismo (El Burro)

Last heard in: Big 'N' Veiny (El Burro)

El Burro is just a small character who you will not see in the game, but he will give you a few jobs from a payphone in Hepburn Heights. He is leader of the Diablos in Liberty City. El Burro was voiced by Chris Phillips

[edit] Joey Leone

Introduced in: Farewell 'Chunk' Lee Chong (Joey Leone)

Last seen in: Salvatore's called a Meeting (Toni Cipriani)

Joey is a mechanic and is seen with Misty working on her car. He is the son of Salvatore and will ask Claude to do all sorts of dirty jobs for him which, of course, include murders. Joey is also the one who introduces Claude to the caporegime Toni Cipriani. Joey Leone was voiced by Michael Rapaport

[edit] Kenji Kasen

Introduced in: Under Surveillance (Asuka Kasen)

seemingly killed in: Waka-Gaishira Wipeout (Donald Love)

Kenji is the brother of Asuka and is the head of the Yakuza in Liberty City. He is seemingly killed during the course of the game like many characters, but despite his relatively short time in the game he provides Claude some very important missions from his Casino. Of all people it is Donald Love who soon asks you to assassinate Kenji who possibly survives. Kenji Kasen was voiced by Les J.N. Mau

[edit] King Courtney

Introduced in: Bling Bling Scramble (King Courtney)

Last seen in: Kingdome Come (King Courtney)

He is the leader of the Yardies and you will never see his face in the game as he likes to give Claude missions from a payphone. His missions are mainly gang related.

[edit] Luigi Goterelli

Introduced in: Luigi's Girls (Luigi)

Last seen in: Salvatore's called a meeting (Toni Cipriani)

This guy is the first person you will work for in your journey through Liberty City, and he is an owner/co-owner of a club in the Red Light District called “Sex Club 7”. You won’t get huge missions from Luigi since his missions are only early in the game – you’ll just be looking after his girls and killing a few small-time criminals. Luigi Goterelli was voiced by Joe Pantoliano

[edit] Ma Cipriani

Introduced in: The Pick-up (Toni Cipriani)

Ma is only a small character whose face you will never see, and she is always moaning to her son Toni about how he isn’t as strong willed as her husband. There really isn’t much more to say about her. Ma Cipriani was voiced by Sondra James

[edit] Maria Latore

Introduced in: Chaperone (Salvatore Leone)

Hinted to be killed by Claude/ Last appearance: The Exchange

Maria is the wife of Salvatore Leone (although in this game she is said to be his girlfriend, she is actually his wife), and is rumoured to meet her end when the credits start to roll at the end of the game (you can find out why for yourself). She gets herself and Claude into a lot of trouble when she tells Salvatore that she and Claude are a couple, which winds up with Salvatore wanting them both dead. She has a soft side for Claude from the start which develops throughout the game. Maria Latore was voiced by Debi Mazar

[edit] Marty Chonks

Introduced in: The Crook

Last seen in: Her Lover

Marty is the owner of Bitchin’ Dog Food and he will give you all except one of his missions to you from a payphone. In his last mission you will get to see his face, and of course it wouldn’t be GTA if the corrupt man didn’t meet a sticky end. Chris Phillips provided the voice of Marty Chonks

[edit] Leon McAffrey

Introduced in: Silence the Sneak

Killed in: Plaster Blaster

Who would have thought that Liberty City was home to corrupt cops? You will only see this guy in one mission, so he really isn’t an important character in this game but he does, however, appear several times in Liberty City Stories.

[edit] Mickey Hamfists

Introduced in: Don't Spank Ma Bitch up

Mickey won’t give you any missions because he’s just a bodyguard to Luigi Goterelli. Mickey is a violent guy and is also a co-owner of “Sex Club 7” and he will always answer the door when you visit Luigi. Although he isn’t a big-time criminal, he’ll give you a punch you’ll never forget, but that’s nothing to worry about because you won’t be getting yourself into his bad books.

[edit] Miguel

Introduced in: Grand Theft Aero (Donald Love)

Killed in: Ransom (Construction Site)

Catalina left Claude for this man. He’s a member of the Colombian Cartel and he is involved in the SPANK industry with Catalina, who of course betrays him as well. You will see him with her many times during the course of the game. Of course anyone would think that Catalina is an untrustworthy woman, but still Miguel falls for her charms and comes to his end because of the woman he put his trust in. Miguel was voiced by Al Espinosa

[edit] Mike “Lips” Forelli

Introduced/ Killed in: Mike 'lips' Last lunch

A member of the Forelli Family Mafia. You have to kill this one-off character by the orders of Joey Leone. Of course this doesn’t go down too well with the Forellis, but that’s what you get if you get on the wrong side of the Leones.

[edit] Misty

Introduced in: Drive Misty For Me (Luigi Goterelli)

Misty is one of Luigi’s many girls and one of the workers at “Sex Club 7”. You will see her around a few times, mainly having to drive her from place to place. As you will notice in the course of the game she lives in an apartment in Hepburn Heights. Misty was voiced by Kim Gurney

[edit] Phil Cassidy

Introduced in: Arms Shortage

Phil is the one armed ex-military bandit who lost his arm in ’86 whilst high on Boomshine. He runs a business called “Phil’s Military Surplus” and sells all sorts of heavy weaponry and has many military vehicles. Whilst only appearing in one mission in the game, Phil is really kind towards Claude and he is a rather important character. Phil Cassidy was voiced by Hunter Platin

[edit] Ray Machowski

Introduced in: Payday for Ray (Asuka Kasen)

Leaves Liberty City in: Marked Man (Ray Machowski)

It seems that Liberty City has quite a few corrupt cops, and Ray is another of them. He works for the Yakuza little to the knowledge of his fellow officers and he will do anything for money as long as he doesn’t get caught. Ray Machowski was voiced by Robert Loggia

[edit] Salvatore Leone

Introduced in: Salvatore's Called a Meeting (Toni Cipriani)

Killed in: Sayonara Salvatore (Asuka Kasen)

Salvatore is the man in charge of the Leone Family Mafia and is a tough man. You will first meet the Don in the mission “Salvatore Called A Meeting” and you will have to do many missions for him. After much hard work for the mafia boss, Claude will eventually have to flee before Salvatore has him assassinated because of Maria’s big mouth. Eventually all criminals and “tough guys” meet their end, and Salvatore is no exception -you will have to kill him in the mission “Sayonara Salvatore”. Salvatore Leone was voiced by Frank Vincent

[edit] Toni Cipriani

Introduced in: taking out the laundry (Toni Cipriani)

Last seen in: Salvatore's called a Meeting (Toni Cipiani)

Toni is a very important character in this game as well as in Liberty City Stories. He can be heard on Chatterbox FM complaining about his mother who he lives with - she often moans at him for not matching his father’s standards. He is a caporegime in the Leone family mafia and will provide many missions to Claude from his home and “base” at Cipriani's Ristorante. Toni Cipriani was voiced by Michael Madsen

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