Ling Shan

Ling Shan
NameLing Shan
Year of Birth1979
Year fo Death2009
Place of BirthChina
HomeAlqonquin, Liberty City
AssociationsXin Shan (brother)
Huang Lee
Lee Family

Ling Shan is a character who she's appeared in GTA: Chinantown Wars.

[edit] Character Information

Ling was born in China in 1979, and her brother is Xin Shan. Her family was moved in Liberty City, in 1999, but their mother and their father was killed. After that, Ling serves as the Master of the Arms in Lee Family a subcest of the Alqonquin Triads. After Huang Lee arrives in the town of Liberty, he gets an order to find a crew that was watching a group of undercover cops. When Huang arrives there, he thinks about if Ling survived by the cops. Finally Ling was dead, after one of them killed her in a alley.

[edit] Mission Appearces

Chinatown Wars

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