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Las Venturas in the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (translated to "The Fortunes", a fitting name for a city full of casinos) answer to Las Vegas Nevada, and is the third and final city which is unlocked by Carl Johnson during the game's storyline. It is surrounded by rural areas, including a desert to the west. Players who approach the city from this direction will notice a "Welcome to Fabulous Las Venturas" sign, a parody of the real life "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada" sign.

Venturas is primarily residential to the north, however towards the centre of the city, most notably in the centre of the Julius Thruway are several important landmarks, including the Las Venturas Strip, the city airport, the V-Rock Hotel, and bike school.

[edit] The Strip

The strip is home to several casinos, including Caligula's Palace (an answer to the real life Cesar's Palace, owned by the Italian Mafia of Liberty City), and the Four Dragons Casino, owned and operated by Wu Zi Mu. There are also answers to other real life casinos, such as the Camel's Toe Casino which is a parody of the Luxor, as well as answers to other casinos including the MGM Grand.

[edit] Las Venturas Airport

The city airport is a large one which is located towards the west of the strip, and is home to the AT400 passenger aircraft, which is located in a hangar to the south east of runway 69. This is the only aircraft of its size which can be controlled by the player, and is the same aircraft which the player can be seen flying in when they buy tickets to fly from one city to another.

As the story progresses, Carl is offered a partnership in the Four Dragons Casino by Wu Zi Mu (Woozie). He must also plan and rob the Caligulas Casino.
Las Venturas

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