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The Liberty City Subway is a subway system that appears in Grand Theft Auto IV and its DLC games. It covers Algonquin, Dukes, Broker and Bohan, but not Alderney.

[edit] Algonquin Inner Line and Bohan Line

The Algonquin line is made up of two tracks, the K line, which goes clockwise while the C line goes anticlockwise. The Bohan Line is only made of two stations and the E line follows on from the K line while the B is the C lines extension in Bohan.
Bohan Line

Algonquin Inner Line

[edit] Algonquin Outer Line and Broker Line

The Outer line is made of the J line, which goes anti-clockwise while A goes clockwise. The Broker Line is made of line 3, which becomes line J once it crosses Algonquin Bridge and the same case is with line 8, becoming A.
Broker Line

Algonquin Outer Line

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