King Courtney

King Courtney
King Courtney.gif
NameKing Courtney
Age35 (in 2001)
GangLeader of the Yardies
RivalsColombian Cartel, Diablos, Claude, Mike
Voiced byWalter Mudu
Appeared inGTA III, GTA Advance


[edit] About

King Courtney has appeared in two Grand Theft Auto games, serving as an antagonist in both but is never killed, only attacked by Mike in Grand Theft Auto Advance. In Grand Theft Auto III, King Courtney gives missions to Claude through a payphone. In that game, King Courtney is never seen. King Courtney gives missions to Mike in person during Grand Theft Auto Advance, revealing his appearance. In both games, King Courtney is the leader of the Yardies.

[edit] Missions

[edit] Grand Theft Auto III

Introduced in: Bling-Bling Scramble

Last heard in: Kingdom Come

The missions can be taken from a payphone from Staunton Island. He has a total of 4 missions.

[edit] Bling-Bling Scramble

King Courtney wants a good driver, so Claude has to go against other racers to prove who is the best.

[edit] Uzi Rider

Some Diablos have been annoying the Yardies so King Courtney sends Claude with other Yardies to get rid of 10 Diablos gang members.

[edit] Gangcar Roundup

So the Yardies can attack rival gangs without being automatically spotted, King Courtney sends out Claude to get a Yakuza Stinger (can be stolen from Asuka's house), Mafia Sentinel and a Diablos Stallion.

[edit] Kingdom Come

King Courtney wants Claude to get some items from a car in a car park. When there, Claude discovers that King Courtney has betrayed him to the Colombian Cartel. Vans arrive with suicide bombers high on SPANK so Claude has to take out the suicide bombers trying to kill Claude. To pass the mission, Claude has to blow up several vans and kill the Spank madmen.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto Advance

[edit] Race to Run

Characters introduced: King Courtney

King Coutney wants Mike to race against the Yakuza. If Mike wins, he gets to try out King Courtney's racer.

[edit] Latin Coffee

The Colombian Cartel is doing business where the Yardies do business as well, so King Courtney tells Mike to steal some of the Colombian Cartel's coffee cans.

[edit] The Big Score

King Courtney tells Mike of a meeting with Cisco, head of the Colombian Cartel and who King Courtney believed was responsible for Vinnie and Jonnie's death. King Courtney then offers protection. Mike goes to the meeting spot by himself as the backup didn't arrive. Mike then spots two men leaving a car and walking down an alley way, giving Mike two options, go down the alleyway and waste everybody or wait for the two men to arrive and destroy their car. Either way, King Courtney tells Mike that they were only King Courtney's lieutenants.

[edit] Fine Dining

King Courtney informs Mike that Cisco is spotted at a restaurant. Mike goes to the restaurant and is given two options: go around the back or face the guards. If Mike goes around the back, he meets up with Cisco who attacks Mike but after hurting Cisco enough, shows respect to Mike. Cisco tells Mike that the Yakuza or Yardies would more likely be involved in Vinnie's death. If Mike goes to the guards, he tells the guards that he is there to kill Cisco, but Cisco escapes and Mike chases after him in a car chase. Cisco tells Mike that King Courtney is a liar.

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