Kenny Lee

Kenny Lee
GameGrand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
AffiliationHuang Lee

Kenny Lee or Uncle Kenny (1961-2009) is the uncle of Huang Lee and the brother of Mr. Lee. Kenny was born in 1961 somewhere in China, but few years later he's going to Liberty City. He is the owner of Sum Yung Gai Restaurant and he is suspended to become the second most powerful Triad man in the city. In the first missions Kenny help his nephew but later he wants to kill Huang to get back the sword of Yu Jian.

[edit] Affiliations

His affiliations are his nephew, Huang Lee and the Jaoming brothers, Hisn and Chan who killed by Huang.

[edit] Death

At the age of 48, Kenny finally was killed by Huang because his uncle want to kill him. He was killed in the mission Salt in the Wound.

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