Kenji Kasen

Kenji Kasen Birth 18 March 1946
NameKenji Kasen
Height5' 9" (1.75 m)
Weight178 lbs. (81 kg)
Voice actorLes J.N Mau


[edit] About

Introduced in: Under Surveillance (Asuka Kasen)

Seemingly killed in:Waka-Gashira Wipeout! but lives (Donald Love)

Kenji Kasen 's only appearance is in Grand Theft Auto III. Kenji is the younger brother of Asuka Kasen and Kazuki Kasen, who appeared and was killed in Liberty City Stories. Kenji owns a casino called Kenji's Casino and is part of the Yakuza gang. Kenji is seemingly killed by Claude disguised as a Cartel meber as instructd Donald Love to start a gang war between the two. Kenji's missions can be taken from his casino.

[edit] Missions

[edit] Kanbu Bust-Out

A Yakuza member valued in the gang has been arrested, so Claude steals a police car, rigs it with a bomb, and escapes with the valued member.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto

Kenji hasn't been able to repay the kindness of a man who did him a favor long ago, so Claude steals three cars and takes them to the person's garage.

[edit] Deal Steal

Colombians are dealing drugs to the Yardies and Kenji isn't happy.

[edit] Shima

Kenji wants Claude to collect protection money from around Staunton Island but things don't go to plan and Diablo gang members steal money.

[edit] Smack Down

As it turns out, the plan from Deal Steal failed and an angry Kenji tells Claude to kill Yardies that are appearing around Staunton Island selling Spank, but Claude has to be fast, or else the dealers disapper.

[edit] Waka-Gashira Wipe-out (Donald Love)

Donald Love tells Claude to kill the waka-gashira of the Yakuza, Kenji, disguised as a Cartel member to start a gang war between the two although it is possible Kenji survives.

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