Kate McReary

Kate McReary
NameKate McReary
Born20 april 1980
DiedOctober 2008 (Aged 28,Optional)
RelativesFrancis McReary, Maureen McReary, Patrick McReary, Gerry McReary, Derrick McReary
AssociatesNiko Bellic
Weight122 lbs
Voice ActorMary Catherine Donnelly

[edit] General Information

A member of the huge Irish family in Grand Theft Auto IV, Kate (1980 - 2008) despises the life of crime that her brothers have taken on. As Niko Bellic, the main character, blends in with the McRearys, Packie McReary eventually calls him on his cellphone and asks him to 'hang out' with Kate. When Niko mentions to Kate that he is taking her out on a date, she informs him that they are just two friends, hanging out together.

[edit] Other Information

  • Kate prefers to see Niko wearing clothes from the shop Modo.
  • Kate likes flashy cars.
  • Kate will not invite you in, but you should always "try your luck". For reasons unknown, this is necessary in order for the game to consider your date "successful".

[edit] Death

Later in the game, the player must choose either Revenge or Deal. The revenge storyline features the death of Kate McReary.

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