Jerry Martinez

Jerry Martinez
NameJerry Martinez
NicknameSgt. Jerry Martinez
Height5’ 11¼” (1.81 m)
Died1984 (aged 31)
Voice actorFelix Solis
Born25 January 1952

Introduced in: Introduction

Killed in: Last Stand

Jerry Martinez (1953 - 1984) is one of Vic's commanding officers and is the main antagonist of the game. He is shown as a person who doesn't take his job seriously, often taking drugs while on the job. He gets Vic early in the game to get a shipment of drugs for him and to find his 'girlfriend', a prostitute. Another officer gives Vic a dishonourable discharge. Jerry starts to work for the Mendez Brothers, but when a shipment is stolen, he enters witness protection, in fear he would be killed by the Mendez brothers. Because Martinez had to turn in state evidence to go into witness protection, he kidnaps and badly hurts Louise Cassidy-Williams and leaves her in a car for her to die. Fortunately, Vic finds her just before she dies and delivers her to the nearby hospital. Jerry Martinez is seen in the last mission of the game on the Mendez building with Diego Mendez, attempting to kill Vic. Instead, Vic kills them both.


[edit] Missions involving Sgt. Jerry Martinez

These two missions are the two first missions of the game.

[edit] Cleaning House (Martinez)

Martinez introduces Vic to Phil Cassidy. Phil's old residence is swarming with Cholos and Phil needs to get something from inside.

[edit] Conduct Unbecoming (Martinez)

Vic has hiding under his bed drugs for Martinez and is becoming uncomfortable with it's location there. Martinez tells Vic to get a girl and deliver her to him. After picking up the girl, Vic discovers that she's a prostitute and on arrival to the base is kicked out because the drugs underneath his bed was discovered.

[edit] Marked Men (Phil Cassidy)

Jerry wants Vic and Phil to go to a specific location, but is ambushed by Martinez's goons and have to make it back to Phil's place in one piece.

[edit] The Last Stand (Ricardo Diaz)

Jerry arrives to the Mendez Building by helicopter and teams up with Diego Mendez to take out Vic, but fails and is killed.

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