Items and Misc

Here are all the items (and a few other things) that you will come across during the course of GTA 2. Most of these can be found lying around and most can also be gained by crushing the correct car at a car crusher. Some are time based, others are permanent. Unless indicated, the power up is permanent.

Name of Powerup Function
ArmourAllows you to withstand 10 bullets without losing any of your health.<img src="" alt="Armour">
Cop BribeInstantly removes your wanted level completely. <img src="" alt="Cop Bribe">
Double Damage All your weapons do twice the damage for a minute. <img src="" alt="Double Damage">
Electro Fingers Anyone in very close proximity to you starts getting electrocuted similar to the Electro Gun. Lasts for a minute. <img src="" alt="Electro Gun">
Fast ReloadAll your weapons fire twice as fast for a minute. <img src="" alt="Fast Reload">
Get Out of Jail Free Card If you're busted, you retain all your weapons, armour and bonus multiplier. <img src="" alt="Get Out of Jail Free Card">
Health Restores your health to full. <img src="" alt="Health">
Instant Gang (Multiplayer Only) Up to 4 nearby civilians are converted into gang members with Dual Pistols and will shoot at any other players or police that are chasing you. <img src="" alt="Instant Gang">
Invisibility While on foot, any hostile forces (enemy gang members, police) will ignore you, even if you're firing at them. Lasts for a minute. <img src="" alt="Invisibility">
InvulnerabilityWhile on foot, you take no damage. If you're about to be run over, your character automatically jumps. Note that if you fall into water, or if attacked by an Electro Gun, you will still die. Lasts for a minute. <img src="" alt="Invulnerability">
Kill Frenzy Placed in specific points around the map, you will have a weapon with unlimited ammo and will have to kill a certain number of vehicles or people within a certain time limit. Some parked vehicles contain Kill Frenzies, but appear no different to any other vehicles of its type, you only find out when you get in. <img src="" alt="Kill Frenzy">
LifeGives you one extra life. <img src="" alt="Life">
Multiplier Plus 1 Increases your bonus multiplier by 1. <img src="" alt="Multiplier +1">
Remote Control Only in specific missions, this allows you to control a car without having to drive it yourself. Therefore if the vehcile is destroyed, you won't be killed. <img src="" alt="Remote Control">
Respect Increases the respect of the gang nearest to you by 1 bar. This can only be obtained by crushing Special Agent Car or Wellard, the crusher you choose will determine which gang's respect increases. If the crusher is in a neutral area, this item will be useless.This is the only way to get all gangs to maximum respect. <img src="" alt="Respect">

You'll also come across 4 different phones during the game. At each mission phone there will be health and armour as well as a weapon. In Downtown it's just Machine Guns, but in Residential and Industrial there are more "exotic" weapons to be found.

Colour of Phone Description Image
Blue General information about the gang area you're in, will tell you which gang members you need to kill to increase respect with them. <img src="">
Green Easy missions, can be taken when you have 1 bar of respect with a gang. Pays $20'000 in Downtown, $30'000 in Residential and $40'000 in Industrial for each successful mission. <img src="">
Yellow Medium missions, can be taken when you have 3 bars of respect with a gang. Pays $40'000 in Downtown, $50'000 in Residential and $60'000 in Industrial for each successful mission. <img src="">
Red Hard missions, can be taken when you have 5 bars of respect with a gang. Pays $60'000 in Downtown, $70'000 in Residential and $80'000 in Industrial for each successful mission. <img src="">
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