I Scream, You Scream

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I Scream, You Scream is a mission given to Claude from a payphone by El Burro. You will gain access to this mission after you complete the mission Turismo.


[edit] Details

A payphone rings in Hepburn Heights and Claude answers it to hear El Burro upset. El Burro informs Claude that the Forellis are threatening to remove a starring actor from an adult movie unless they get a cut of the profits. El Burro instructs Claude to get a bomb and hijack a Mr. Whoopies Ice Cream Truck and drive it into their Atlantic Quays hideout and then blow the truck up to kill them all.

[edit] Mission

Claude will collect the bomb near the Borgnine Taxi Company. Claude will then hijack a Mr. Whoopie Ice Cream truck and attach the explosive to it and head to the Atlantic Quays hideout. Claude will then sound the horn to play the ice Cream Trucks Jingle and the Forellis will come outside to get some "Ice Cream." You will then detonate the bomb and kill them all.

[edit] Reward

  • $6,000

[edit] Unlocks

  • Trial By Fire Mission

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