The Hydra VTOL fighter

The Hydra is a fighter jet only available in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is the fastest plane the player can get in the game, can fly the highest, and is equipped with weaponry (Rockets and flares). The Hydra can be found in most of the Government protected areas, such as the military ships or Area 69, where an instant five star wanted level is gained upon entry. It is possible to save the Hydra in one of the Hangars at the abandoned airport that the player acquires in the game, which enables the ability to have the fighter jet respawn for use after it is destroyed, or between saving and loading the game.

[edit] Glitch

There is a way to obtain the Hydra before it is actually unlocked in the game. Once the player has unlocked street races, they must travel to Las Venturas Airport and climb over the fence beside the red race marker. The race will begin. Simply get out, wait for the timer to run out and the Hydra will still be there. When the game is exited or saved, however, the Hydra will vanish.

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