Her Lover

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Her Lover is the fourth and final mission in Grand Theft Auto III from Marty Chonks.

[edit] Details

Claude greets Marty and Marty begins telling Claude about how he is having money issues. He then realizes that his wife is having an affair on him and that person owes him money. His name is Carl and hes slowing paying money back to Marty.

[edit] Mission

Marty tells Claude to pick him up in China Town and to bring him to The Bitchin' Dog Food Factory. Once he arrives here he plans to kill him and turn him into dog food. Claude will pick Carl up and bring him to his destination, and there Marty will be waiting outside. Here he invites Carl into the factory but Carl is intelligent and kills Marty. Claude can kill Carl and receive his shotgun. The mission then ends.

[edit] Rewards

  • $4,000
    • Carls Shotgun if you killed him after the mission ends.

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