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[edit] Frequently asked questions

[edit] What is a NeoWiki?

A NeoWiki is the new alternative to the old NeoPortals. In the old system, a few staff were given control over pages and were left with the task of having to keep it updated by themselves, and pages were often left with very little or no information. In the new system, articles can be edited by anyone, and it is hoped that by using this method, the pages will contain a lot more information and can be kept up-to-date a lot more easily. Furthermore, it is hoped that this will help to make Neoseeker a much more useful and popular source for information.

[edit] How do I register?

The registration process is very simple. If you're already a member on Neoseeker, then you can log in here with your Neoseeker account without needing to register again. Otherwise, you will have to register on Neoseeker before you can log in and use an account.

[edit] How can I contribute?

If you've got information about Grand Theft Auto which you think we need on the site, then you can contribute - it's as simple as that! All you have to do is go to the right page, click the edit button, put in what you need to put in and submit, and you've contributed to the Wiki. It doesn't matter how big or how small your contributions are; it's the quality which matters, whether it be creating a whole new page, or just fixing typos.

[edit] Wiki markup

For more details on how to style a page you can refer to the editing guides:
Official MediaWiki Guide
Avalith's guide on Neoseeker

[edit] Contribution guidelines

[edit] Editing with confidence!

[edit] Creating new pages

[edit] Naming conventions

[edit] Using templates

[edit] Using Images

When you're editing a page, be sure to use some images where possible. If there's one thing we like on Wikis apart from plenty of information, it's images! It's all very good having tons of information, but a wall of text looks boring and needs a bit of colour, so be sure to use a few images here and there to bring some life to a page. There will be some pages where you have no images to use, and that's fine, but if you can use one, do it!

[edit] Working with other users

Remember that the NeoWiki can be edited by anyone as they see fit, so if you don't want your work editing, then this probably isn't the right place for you to submit it. But also, the Neoseeker community works as a team to get projects like this working, and you've got to be willing to work with other people if you're to be considered a good contributor on here.

[edit] Assisting new contributors

When a lot of people come on here, they will be very unfamiliar with how the whole Wiki contributing system works, and it is more than likely that at some point you will have someone asking you for help, so you need to be prepared. It's no good trying to assist people if you don't know much about Wikis yourself, so if you don't, either learn about how they work or be prepared to tell people you can't help. If you're asked a question and don't know the answer, point the person in the direction of someone who does.

[edit] Making the most of Talk pages