Head Radio

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Head Radio

Head Radio is a radio station from Grand Theft Auto III which features pop music. Head Radio is hosted by a Mr. Michael Hunt who misses living in San Fierro with his mother, having a yard, and cutting grass. He is heard in Grand Theft Auto II(?), GTA III, and GTA: Liberty City Stories. The genre of music on this station is adult contemporary. By the year 2001, the station is owned by Donald Love's Love Media. The music in both games is fictional. The station does not appear in GTA IV.

[edit] Song List

  • Stripe Summer - Dil-Don't
  • Fade Away - Craig Gray
  • Life Is But A Mere Supply - Dezma
  • Electronic Go Go - Scatwerk
  • Good Thing - Whatever
  • See Through You - Frankie Fame
  • Change - Conor and Jay

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