Grove Street Families

Two Grove Street Families members.

The Grove Street Families are a gang based in Los Santos, San Andreas, and their primary turf is Ganton, where Grove Street is located and they are the gang which Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas protagonist Carl Johnson is part of. Known simply as the Families to its members, they are big on keeping away from drugs, which is what Big Smoke believes is the cause of the gang's recent downfall.

[edit] History

In 1987 and for an unknown amount of time before that, the Grove Street Families were a huge gang and were in control of a lot of Los Santos, and were far larger than their rival gangs the Ballas and the Los Santos Vagos. In 1987, when Carl Johnson moved over to Liberty City on the east coast of America, things took a turn for the worst, and the Ballas and the Vagos gained a lot of control. When Carl moved back in 1992 after the death of his mother, Beverly Johnson, the Grove Street Families had been reduced to virtually nothing, and had control over almost no territory at all. The gang's primary colour is green, and most clothing suitable for any member of the Families is available at the local Binco store.

[edit] Anti-Drugs Policy

The Grove Street Families take a strong stand against drugs, and do not encourage gang members to take any substances, and it is shown several times during the course of the game that drug dealers are not welcome in the area. Carl will gain respect from beating up and killing drug dealers who he comes across in GSF territory. During normal gameplay, Carl can interact with people who talk to him on the street by prompting either a positive or a negative response, however if anyone offers him drugs, the response will automatically be negative whatever the player decides to do. Whilst this is because of the gang's anti-drugs policy, the real reason may be because such activities as taking drugs would cause the game to be banned in many countries.

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