Grand Theft Auto Advance

Grand Theft Auto Advance
GTA Advance.jpg
NameGrand Theft Auto Advance
Developed byDigital Eclipse
Published byRockstar Games
PlatformGame Boy Advance
ReleasedOctober 25, 2004
ClassificationESRB M, OFLC M, PEGi 16+
Next gameGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Preceding gameGrand Theft Auto: Vice City


[edit] About

Grand Theft Auto Advance is the 3rd handheld Grand Theft Auto, the prevoius two being ports of Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto 2. This game is set in the Grand Theft Auto III rendition of Liberty City in the year 2000. The original idea was that the game would be a port of Grand Theft Auto III, but the idea was changed, possibly because of technical limitations. Instead, the game, like Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, is a prequel to Grand Theft Auto III.

[edit] On the Game Boy Advance

Like Grand Theft Auto III, the game features the Ambulance and Vigilante missions. The map is generally the same to the Grand Theft Auto III rendition but without the subways, trains and tunnels. The rampages, Unique Stunt Jumps and hidden packages have all changed location. There is no pedestrian dialog, voice acting or animated cutscenes.

[edit] Plot

Mike is a small-time criminal and the main protagonist. He is saved while homeless by a man called Vinnie. Vinnie wants to do a few more jobs from an un-named mafia. Vinnie is then seen killed in a car bomb with their money. As Vinnie had changed Mike's life around, He swears revenge on whoever killed Vinnie. Mike starts working for several gangs to find out about Vinnie's death. Vinnie is then revealed to be alive and had set up the car bomb to disappear with their money. Mike then swears revenge on Vinnie himself, and eventually kills him. 8-Ball is arrested (shown at the beginning of Grand Theft Auto III). Mike then kills Vinnie's real boss, King Courtney.

This game is part of the Grand Theft Auto Series

Preceded by
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
This is the fifth game in the
Grand Theft Auto Series
Succeeded by
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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