Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
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DevelopersRockstar Leeds, Rockstar North
PublishersRockstar Games
ReleasedDSMarch 20, 2009
PSPOctober 20th 2009[1]
iPhone/ iPod Touch/ iPadMarch 28th2010
PlatformsNintendo DS
iPod Touch


[edit] Features

Chinatown Wars Screen-Dukes.jpg

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is the first GTA to arrive to a next generation portable console, and Rockstar has chosen to bring it to the DS platform. GTA: Chinatown Wars has several known special features in the game. The camera, instead of being on top of the player, like the original GTA game, GTA 2 and Grand Theft Auto Advance, or behind the player, from GTA III to Grand Theft Auto IV, it will be in an isometric view with a camera that can be rotated to view a top down view of the city. The game will be cell shaded. The game will take place in the GTA IV version of Liberty City (as revealed by screenshots, which show a sign going overhead reading 'Dukes' (pictured). 4 out of the 5 burroughs from Liberty City will be playable, including Dukes, Bohan, Broker, and Algonquin. The only island not appearing is Alderney. The protagonist can recruit gang members. If the police try to arrest the protagonist, he has to disable as many cop cars as he can to get rid of them. There are weather effects and a day-night cyle. The game also makes use of the built-in Wi-Fi, but besides the Social Club, what it will be used for is unknown. The top screen is used for the gameplay, while the bottom screen will be used for cycling through the weapons and radar.
The game has recently been revealed that it has more codng than San Andreas, Ammunation is online now, missions are replayable, grenades are thrown using the touch screen,[2] A drug dealing minigame, taxi whistling through the DS microphone, E-mails, contacts, a map and GPS. The HUD will be modeled after the HUD seen in Grand Theft Auto IV.

[edit] Plot

The plot of Chinatown Wars is that of Huang Lee and his quest to retrieve a sword for his uncle (Kenny) and an aged triads boss. He is told by his uncle Kenny that he plans on using the sword to replace an aged triads boss, Hsin. He befriends a police officer, Wade Heston, who becomes the most helpful person to aid Huang. Information rises that Hsin's son and an associate are suspects in the robbery, so Hsin steps down and appoints Kenny to be leader. Huang kills the suspects, but is told by Heston that the information was fake and that there was a meeting going to take place. At the meeting, Huang and Heston find out that Kenny himself stole the sword and framed Hsin's son. Hsin is stabbed by the sword, making him the permanent leader. His only objective is to kill Huang, but fails and is killed by him. Before dying, Hsin makes Huang the leader.

[edit] Rockstar Games Social Club

It's confirmed, that like Grand Theft Auto IV, there is a Social Club run by Rockstar, that also makes use of the Nintendo DS built in Wi-Fi. The only known use of the social club is to upload the players statistics.

[edit] References

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