Gracie Ancelotti

Gracie Ancelotti (Born 1977) is a character who was first introduced in the mission I'll Take Her. She is the daughter of Giovanni Ancelotti AKA "Old Man Ancelotti". She is kidnapped by Niko while "test driving" her 2003 pink feltzer. Patrick McReary holds her hostage to extort Giovanni for missing diamonds. Giovanni didn't believe Gracie has been kidnapped, thinking she was on a date at a man's house, until Packie sent Niko to go to the apartment where she was tied up in a chair, and sent a picture to Giovanni. Giovanni then told Gay Tony and Luis Lopez to follow one of the kidnappers to find out where Gracie was being held. After Gracie was sent to a new location, Giovanni agreed to surrender the diamonds. He sent Tony and Luis to do the trade with Niko and Packie. Gracie was then handed back over to safety, then she, Luis and Tony left the scene. Niko and Packie went on to kill Bulgarin's goons. Shortly after her kidnapping Niko encounters Gracie in front if her house. It is shown she has a new car, a pearl white cognoscenti. She notices niko walking in front of her house, however he acts as if he doesn't know her and sends her guards to attack, Niko kills all the guards. It is assumed Gracie moved to another part of liberty city after this experience.

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