Ghost Cars

Ghost Cars
Ghost Cars.jpg
One of the Glendale Ghost Cars.
FoundBack O' Beyond, and several locations in San Andreas
Types of carsGlendales, 1 Sadler near desert
MythPartially Real
Mods on PC?Yes.

The ghost cars are the only myth to even appear in San Andreas, although most players give untrue explanations about the cars. Most player say that the ghost cars attack CJ and also roll down the hill due to ghosts. This is untrue, as the only thing the cars do is roll down the hill. The ghost cars do not only appear in Back O' Beyond, they also appear in several other parts of San Andreas as well.

[edit] Mods

There are several videos on the Internet that show CJ running away from one of the Glendale ghost cars. They have been debunked as false because of several reasons. The most common is because of mods. They make the cars go alive and attack CJ.[1] The ghost cars mod makes the cars attack CJ, but they can be destroyed by normal methods on destroying normal cars.

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