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[edit] Grand Theft Auto II

In the game Grand Theft Auto 2, there are 7 gangs that you will meet during the course of the game. They are: The Zaibatsu, Loonies, Yakuza, Scientists, Rednecks, Russians and Hare Krishna. The Zaibatsu are on all 3 maps, the Loonies and Yakuza are on the first map (Downtown), the Scientists and Rednecks (Residential) on the second map and the Russians and Hare Krishna on the third map (Industrial). All armed gang members by default carry pistols and should your respect with a gang fall into negatives, they'll attack you with them. However, when your respect goes down to minus 4 bars they may attack with a more powerful weapon and when you're down to minimum respect they may use a different weapon still on maps 2 and 3, making a total of 3 different types of gunfire aimed in your direction. However, should your respect be at +5 or maximum, the gang members will shoot at anyone attacking you with pistols. If gang members from different gangs are near each other (for example at the border between two territories) then they will start attacking each other.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto III

There are several gangs in the game Grand Theft Auto III. They include the Yakuza, led by Kenji Kasen, Forelli Family Mafia whos leader is unknown, the Southside Hoods led by D-Ice, Diablos led by El Burro, Yardies led by King Courtney, Leone Family Mafia led by Salvatore Leone and the main antagonistic gang, the Colombian Cartel, led by Catalina and Miguel. Claude works for all of the gang besides the cartel, before they betray them to the Cartel besides the Yakuza. Kenji is killed in an assassination attempt ordered by Donald Love. Missions for the Diablos, Yardies and Southside Hoods are started from payphones in each of the 3 islands of Liberty City.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, there is about the same amount of gangs as there are in Liberty City circa. 2001. The bikers and Streetwannabes gangs's leaders are not mentioned in the game. A majority of the gangs are Latino/Spanish-based, including Diaz's Gang, led by Ricardo Diaz until his death, the Vercetti Gang, led by the protagonist Tommy Vercetti and the Cubans, led by recurring character Umberto Robina. Umberto's rival gang are the Haitains, led by Auntie Poulet.

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