Frank Tenpenny

Date of birthJune 3, 1950
Height6' 1"
Weight214 lbs.
Date of DeathOctober 7, 1992

Officer Frank Tenpenny is a corrupt police officer of the Los Santos Police Department in San Andreas and the head of C.R.A.S.H. Tenpenny claims that his approach to the job is about "percentages" and that his philosophy calls for overlooking some crime to achieve a greater good. It appears that he believes what he says, but in reality Tenpenny and his unit are corrupt to the core and terrorize gang leaders in a fashion much like a gang themselves, except with the power of law enforcement behind them. They hassle Carl Johnson and ask him to do endless jobs. They can kill indiscriminately and are skimming the profits from the rival gangs. Tenpenny himself is a polluting influence, convincing good cops to aid him in his pursuits. Frank Tenpenny was voiced by Samuel L. Jackson.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mission Appearances

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