Francis McReary

Francis McReary
NameFrancis McReary
RelativesMaureen McReary , Derrick McReary, Patrick McReary, Gerald McReary, Kate McReary
AssociatesNiko Bellic
Date Of Death2008 (Determinant)
Voice ActorThomas Lyons

Introduced in: Street Sweeper

Francis McReary (7 Febuary 1962 - 2008) is part of the McReary family, he is a Liberty City Police Department officer who hopes to replace the chief when he retires, but blackmailers have emerged him with evidence of his corruption. He also knows that Niko killed Mikhail Faustin, but he promises not to tell anyone about it unless Niko helps him get rid of all the people that don't want Francis being Chief. Unlike the rest of his family members, except for Kate, Francis is the "good boy" since the rest of his brothers and relatives are in the Irish Mob. The only thing stoping Francis from taking down his family is his son Gerald, who has a lot of dirt on francis's past and will alert the authorities as soon as Francis tries anything.

[edit] Death

Player's choice.

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