Four Dragons Casino

Four Dragons Casino
Four Dragons Casino.jpg
OwnerWu Zi Mu
Co-OwnersCarl Johnson, Ran Fa Li
Rival casinoCaligula's Casino
GangTriads, Mountain Cloud Boys
Rival GangsLeone Family, Sindaccos


[edit] About

Four Dragons Casino is run and owned in Las Venturas,San Andreas by Wu Zi Mu. It is also co-owned by Carl Johnson and Ran Fa Li(known as Mr. Farlie). The casino is assossiated with Wu Zi Mu's gang, the Triads. The casino has two mission strands, the main Casino strand, doing jobs for the casino, and The Heist strand, to steal the bank in the casino where all of the money is kept. Because of the Heist strand, The Four Dragons Casino makes enemies with Salvatore Leone and his Leone Family Mafia and the Sindaccos after Carl left Johnny Sindacco is a shock induced coma.

[edit] Missions

[edit] Main Casino Strand

[edit] Fender Ketchup

A person is caught trying to destroy equipment, so Carl makes him talk and say who did it by tying him to the car and driving to scare the person, who turns out to be Johnny Sindacco.

[edit] Explosive Situation

Carl decides to hurt the sindacco-owned (as well as Leone and Forelli) casino, Caligula's but first needs explosives. Woozie tells Carl to get it from a nearby quarry.

[edit] You've had your chips

Woozie discovers fake chips made by the Sindaccos, so Carl decides to pay a visit to their factory and destroy their machines.

[edit] Don Peyote (The Truth)

The Truth rings up Carl, who is standing in front of the Four Dragons Casino. The Truth went on a Peyote safari in the desert with Kent Paul (players may remember him from Vice City) and Maccer, a singer for the Gurning Chimps who likes to touch himself.

[edit] The Heist Strand

[edit] Architectural Espionage

To know where to go while inside Caligula's Casino and not hit dead ends, Carl takes photos from a heavily guarded Government Planning Buiding.

[edit] Key to her heart

Carl starts to date Millie Perkins, who works at Caligula's, so he can gain access to a key card needed to enter the bank area.

[edit] Dam and Blast

Carl parachutes down onto a dam to switch off the electricity for the heist.

[edit] Cop Wheels

Carl needs police motorbikes for a fake motorcade to enter Caligula's bank.

[edit] Up, up and away!

Carl also needs a fake armoured van to load up the money and to be in the fake motorcade. He steals a helicopter with a magnet hanging from the bottom to get the van he wants.

[edit] Breaking The Bank At Caligula's

With absolutely everything ready, Carl and the gang are ready to rob Caligula's. Everything doesn't go to plan when Zero brags to his nemesis Berkley beforehand, resulting in Berkley almost foiling CJ and Zero.

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