Fort Baxter Air Base

Fort Baxter Air Base
Fort Baxter.jpg
LocationVice City
Former MembersJerry Martinez, Vic Vance
Spawn points for:Hunter (Vice City), Rhino (Vice City Stories)


[edit] About

Fort Baxter Air Base is a military base found only in Vice City. It is located near Escobar International Airport and was about to have a tower with runway, but was taken out at the last minute.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the Fort Baxter Air Base doesn't have a significant role besides having a spawn point for the Hunter helicopter. It also has a completely different layout to the Vice City Stories version.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Main article: Vic Vance
Main article: Jerry Martinez

The Fort Baxter Air Base serves a much larger role in this game, as both the protagonist and antagonist both worked there. Vic works in the army so he could provide for his dysfunctional family, including a sick brother, another brother that is trying out several 'get rich quick' schemes, involving drugs, and a drug addict mother. Jerry is shown not to take his job that seriously, telling Vic to do several (and illegal) errands involving drugs and prostitutes, getting Vic a dishonourable discharge from the army. Later in the game, Martinez uses a hunter to try and take down Vic who was escaping with Martinez's drugs that belonged to The Mendez Brothers. The second last mission involves Vic also stealing a Hunter from the air base to launch an attack on Diego Mendez and Martinez. Although the Hunter got shot down, Vic succeeded in killing both Jerry Martinez and Diego.

[edit] Ghost Tower

Ghost Tower.jpg

Last in the development of Vice City, Rockstar took out a runway and tower for the air base. The ghost tower still can be seen from the west island heading for the air base. For some reason, the same tower can still be seen in Vice City Stories, even though that game was made 4 years later.

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