For the Man Who Has Everything

For the Man Who Has Everything
For the Man Who Has Everything.jpgPromotional poster, screenshot of this mission
GameBallad of Gay Tony
Time limit4:20
Player Damage50%
Duck ChopperA low flying annihilator that Luis can duck near the end of the level
Helicopters Destroyed8

For the Man Who Has Everything is a Yusef Amir mission.

[edit] Walkthrough

Yusef wants Luis's help for one more thing: He wants to steal a LTA Subway car. After driving to Algonquin Bridge, Yusef leaves Luis to wait for the next train to pass through and jump on. When on, Luis must battle his way to the first car, as he lands on the eighth and last car. The police quicky find out and Luis automatically is given four stars. As soon as Luis passes Hove Beach station the situation escalades to five stars and Annihilators starts going for Luis. The second to last cars also start smoking. Once Luis passes two more stations, if he makes it to the front car, Yusef arrives to pick up the car. Luis is then left at a nearby park and the five stars disappears.

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