End Of The Line

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End Of The Line is a Sweet mission.

  • Objective: Finish all of the unfinished business with Big Smoke and Officer Tenpenny.
  • Summary: This is it, the final mission. It's long, so be ready. First you need to head to the SWAT tank on the map and take it. Then run the wall in front of Big Smoke's fortress down to gain entry. You need to fight through 4 levels to get to Big Smoke. After a brief chat the fight begins, night vision goggles will be handy here. After you bring him down Tenpenny starts a fire by blowing up a generator. Put out the fires (if you're fireproof just run out) on your way out of the factory using a fire extinguisher. Tenpenny jumps in a firetruck and tries to escape while Sweet hangs on. Get in a car and make sure you catch Sweet when he falls off. Then CJ becomes the gunman and you have to take out everyone pursuing you. Once you've done that Tenpenny will eventually lose control and crash over a bridge, still defiant to the end.
  • Reward: Respect level increases and all the missions are complete.
  • Tips: This is one of the hardest (and longest) tasks in the game, therefore it is advised that you reach maximum health and become fireproof. Both of these can be achieve by completing all ambulance and firetruck side-missions respectively.

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