El Burro

El Burro
El Burro 2.jpg
NicknameEl Burro
Born1961 (40)
Height6' 1" (1.85 m)
Weight255 ibs (115 Kg)
GangLeader of the Diablos
Year of DeathN/A
Voice actorChris Philips


[edit] About

El Burro is the leader of the Diablos, a Latino gang in Grand Theft Auto III. He is a pornographer. You never see El Burro in the game, but you do hear his voice. You can get some missions from him in Hepburn Heights via a payphone where you picked up Misty for Drive Misty For Me Mission.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Turismo

Claude enters a race organised by El Burro.

[edit] I scream, you scream (El Burro)

Main article: I Scream, You Scream

A gang wants a share of the money El burro makes from his porno movies, or else they would take out his star actress. Their weakness is ice cream, so Claude steals an ice cream van armed with a bomb to wipe out the gang members.

[edit] Trial by Fire (El Burro)

Main article: Trial By Fire

Triads stole El Burro's car filled with his memorabilia and destroyed it, so an angry El Burro orders Claude to take out the Triads using a flamethrower.

[edit] Big 'N' Veiny (El Burro)

Main article: Big 'N' Veiny

A thief stole El Burro's latest magazine and dropped it all over Portland, so Claude is to collect the magazines, kill the thief and take the magazines to a shop in the Red Light District.

After Big 'N' Veiny, the phone will still ring, but to do Turismo again.

El Burro is voiced by Chris Phillips

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