Drive Misty for Me

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[edit] Details

554.jpgMisty in GTA: 3
UnlocksThe Crook, Pump-Action Pimp, and Mike Lips Last Lunch missions.

Drive Misty for Me is a Luigi Goterelli mission.

[edit] Objective

  • Drive Misty to see Joey Leone.

[edit] Mission Summary

This mission begins with Claude going to Lugi's Sex Club 7 to find more work from Luigi. Luigi tells Claude all about Joey Leone and what his agendas are. He tells Claude to bring her to her home first then to drop her off in Hepburn Heights. He also warns Claude to keep his "Eyes on the road and off of Misty." Once this mission is completed Joey tells Claude to drop by later for more work and more fun.

[edit] Rewards

Once this mission is completed you will receive the following:

  • $4,000

[edit] Unlocks

  • The Crook
  • Pump-Action Pimp
  • Mike Lips Last Lunch.

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