Donald Love

Donald Love
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NameDonald Love
Date of birth27 October 1953
Age35 (GTA VC), 47 (GTA LCS), 50 (GTA III)
Height6' 4" (In GTA VC)
Weight217 lbs.
GangRelations with leone's
Year of Deathdisappeared in 2001
Voice actorKyle MacLachlan

First Chronological Appearance: The Party (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City)

Introduced In: Liberator (Grand Theft Auto III)

Disappears and is possibly killed in: Love's Disapearance


[edit] History

Donald Love is introduced in Grand Theft Auto III, in the mission, "Liberator". He is a big-time media mogul, owning Love Media. He runs his business from his apartment/office in Bedford Point, Staunton Island. Love also makes an appearance in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto III

Love is introduced to Claude Speed in the mission, "Liberatior". His missions involve various jobs regarding a mystery package being delivered by plane. Following the delivery of the package, in "Love's Disaperance", Donald Love vanishes, leaving behind a mysterious empty box in his garden: he may have been killed by the yakuza to exact revenge for Kenji's near death.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Introduced In: The Party

Love appears as a minor character in Vice City, He is the naive, eager apprentice of real-estate giant, Avery Carrington. He appears only a few times in the game, speaking very little. He only utters a few words, in his second appearance, before Carrington interrupts him.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Introduced In: The Morgue-Party Candidate

Leaves Liberty City in: Love on the Run

Love appears as a major character in Liberty City Stories. He is introduced to Toni Cipriani whilst overseeing the construction of a skyscraper.

After the murder of Libert City's mayor, R C Hole, Love is then influenced by Mafia boss,Salvatore Leone (Who ordered the killing of the previous mayor), to move in for office. Using his millions of dollars, Love manages to run for election. Don Leone is determined to get Love elected so that the Leone Family Mafia can run City Hall. Love's opposing candidate is Miles O'Donovan, who is being backed by another of the Mafia families, the Forellis.

Love's first mission involves him sending Toni to collect a body from the morgue. This is whenever it becomes apparent that Donald Love is a cannibal. After this, he has Toni drive around in a van, spreading Pro-Love slogans to the people. Despite, Love's efforts, the polls are still tied, and Love cannot make any public appearances for fear of being assassinated by the Forellis.

The Forellis' men uncover evidence of Love's connection to Toni. and make it public. Toni is widely known as a high-ranking associate of the Leone Family. Public outrage at Love's Mafia connections cause him to lose the election.

Toni and Love part ways, but Love soon calls Toni to ask him for help. Avery Carrington, Love's old real-estate mentor, is coming to Liberty City, with plans that will make Love (and Toni) big money. Love asks Toni to get rid of Carrington, so that they will get more money. Toni murders Carrington as he is leaving Francis International Airport with a Colombian Cartel escort. Unfortunately, a news reporter witnessed the event, so Love has him killed as well.

Love manages to rebuild his lost empire, after he levels the entire Fort Staunton district to build more real-estate. The Colombian Cartel start to blackmail Love in return for keeping quiet about Carrington's murder. Toni massacres a Cartel force that arrives at Love's mansion and leaves the bodies and wrecked cars in the garden. Love is forced to flee town, and his mansion is occupied by the Cartel.

[edit] Necrophilia

It is revealed that Donald Love is also a necrophiliac, hence all the "morgue-party" references.

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