Death Row

Death Row is a mission from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

[edit] What to do

You have to save Lance Vance from Diaz's Gang before he dies. Take a car, preferably a fast one and drive to the junkyard. As you arrive, you'll see a few men from Diaz's Gang shooting at you. Run over the first few guys and purposely let your car blow up and get out of the car and get out of the way as it blows up. Take out a gun and kill everyone in your way. Be careful, as some guys might sneak up on you. After saving Lance Vance, drive him to the hospital. Sometimes, you should see a big vehicle called The Trashmaster in the junkyard. Use that to drive Lance Vance to the hospital, as it's hard to catch on fire, since Diaz's Men will be ramming you with their Stingers. If The Trash Master doesn't appear, just take the Sentinel and drive to hospital as fast as possible while trying to avoid the guys chasing you.

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