Cesar Vialpando

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Cesar Vialpando
Artwork Cesar

Artwork of Cesar
Real NameCesar Vialpando
LocationLos Santos, San Andreas
AlliesCarl Johnson
EnemiesBig Smoke
Frank Tenpenny
Loco Syndicate
Height6’ 0” (1.83 m)
GangVarrios Los Aztecas (Leader)
Allied with Grove Street Families

Cesar Vialpando (born January 19, 1964) (or simply known as 'Cese' to CJ) is Kendl's boyfriend and the leader of the Los Santos street gang, Varrios Los Aztecas. At first CJ, Sweet and Cesar have some difficulties with each other (the main problem for Sweet is that Cesar is a light-brown skinned man with Sweet's black sister and that Cesar is a mexican street gang member). After winning a low rider contest, Cesar introduces himself to CJ. Later, he shows Big Smoke and Ryder betraying the Grove Street Families. After this Cesar becomes CJ's best and most loyal friend.

While in exile, he gets CJ into some grief by introducing him to his cousin, Catalina. Cesar appears in a lot of missions as CJ's right hand man.

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